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From the Constituent Assembly town (two pics)


New Baneshwar, the Constitution Assembly town in Kathmandu, looks like a battle zone. Riot police have overtaken the public spaces where on a normal day one would see people chatting over cups of tea.

The extended one-year tenure of the CA will expire on Saturday midnight. Embarrassed political class is busy in high-level talks that may see breakthrough on the 6-year old peace process. Frustrated citizenry and vested interest groups are looking for opportunities to penetrate into the restricted zone around the massive CA complex to express their anger.

No ‘action’ so far. Commuters and, thanks to active traffic policing, vehicles are moving fast. Continue reading

Khabardaar! 19 days to go… for the Constitution (that may not come by the deadline)


One of the two western entrances of the Constituent Assembly building in New Baneshwar, Kathmandu. Political class has given strong signals that the constitution may not come by Jestha 14, 2068 (28 May).

And there was: Khabardar! 74 Days to Draft Constitution in Nepal

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