Khabardaar! 19 days to go… for the Constitution (that may not come by the deadline)


One of the two western entrances of the Constituent Assembly building in New Baneshwar, Kathmandu. Political class has given strong signals that the constitution may not come by Jestha 14, 2068 (28 May).

And there was: Khabardar! 74 Days to Draft Constitution in Nepal

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2 thoughts on “Khabardaar! 19 days to go… for the Constitution (that may not come by the deadline)

  1. सुबास

    हामि पानि साझा भागिदार छौ, समयमा हामि बोल्न सकेनौ, खबरदार गर्न सकेनौ यि नालायक संविधान लेखकहरुलाई, यदि हामि अझै चुप भएर बस्यौ भनेचाहि पक्कै पनि बन्दैन संविधान ।
    हामिले पुन: आन्दोलनको बारेमा सोच्ने बेला आइसक्यो।



  2. Party Peedit

    “May?”, Dinesh-ji? Was is not clear long ago that this thieving bunch is there only to make money, by hook, mostly by crook, and not to make the constitution? Of the 601, no more than a dozen or so matter there, the rest being their hukke-baithakeys or tikeys if you like that will rubber stamp any decision of their political masters. In these three years, have you heard one serious discussion inside the CA (not in the NGO-led media) about shashakiya swaroop, federalism, accountability of the elected or for that matter issues of separation of powers? And you still say, “May?” May Guheshwari Mai (whom you wanted sacrilegiously photographed) save you from your naiveness and misplaced faith in the the wrong kind of aradhya devs, your party feudals.



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