Kathmandu Pre-monsoon Rains


Two photos taken before (above) and during (below) rains in Kathmandu within two hours. It’s been raining a lot in the capital city these days. According to a report in today’s Nagarik daily by reporter Shyam Bhatta, this year’s pre-monsoon season has created record. Kathmandu valley saw heaviest of rainfall of this season on Friday with 27.7 milimeter. Normally, according to the report, the month of May experiences 116 mm of rainfall on average. “But this time the first week alone has seen 73.7 mm of rains.”

April saw the normal (average) rainfall of 56.9 mm.

Whatever the data is I must say that I am enjoying the rains (especially the cool temperature- the direct result of the rains.)


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3 thoughts on “Kathmandu Pre-monsoon Rains

  1. barsha

    Now let me tell you why it rained today. No, the evaporation of water and the whole water cycle has nothing to do with it.
    Well, we are now observing the very popular Rato Machhindranath Chariot festival. And there is a belief that whenever the chariot is carried from one place to another (this is actually more like the sequence of this jatra), the God of the serpents pays a visit to the God of the rain Rato Machhindranath; and this is actually what causes the rainfall. And today the chariot was carried from Gabahal to Mangalbazar and hence we witnessed the downpour. All doings of the serpent God! The chariot will be carried tomorrow also so be ready for another hell of a rain.
    So much so for being a Science student! 😀



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