A piece of bus literature

a piece of bus literature
When insanity strikes a lover and his heart!

Many of us may have seen those often funny and rhythmic lines written on the back of trucks. Articles have been written about them. But I hadn’t seen (or don’t recall seeing one) such lines written right on the sun shade of a bus. Usually drivers and their assistants known as khalasis (gadi sahayak) put photos and posters of Bollywood and Nepali film actors all over in the driver’s cabin.

Red ink has been used on a white sheet of paper to write no more than six words. (But red is everywhere.. look at the rear-view mirror!) Pagal premi ko/ pagal chha yo man. [पागल प्रेमीको/ पागल छ यो मन. A crazy lover’s/ heart is crazy.] Wasn’t clear if the driver fully agreed with the lines or if he was the one who wrote that and pasted on the sun shade. But I had no time to ask him if that was the case. Seen first when  I got into the bus in Baneswar and photo taken at Maitighar.