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  • Kathmandu Darbar Square- A Day After the #NepalEarthquake

    Kathmandu Darbar Square- A Day After the #NepalEarthquake

    A day after the #NepalEarthQuake, I went to Kathmandu’s Darbar Square. The scale of devastation was massive. Many of its attractive buildings, former palaces and temples, had either completely collapsed or were heavily damaged. The landmark Kastamandap building had been reduced to rubble. Two other beautiful temples nearby were not where they once stood. The “nau…

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  • चन्दनपुर गाउँ [Chandanpur Village]

    चन्दनपुर गाउँ [Chandanpur Village]

    मैले अाफू घुम्न अाएको भन्दा सुन्नेले पत्याउन सजिलो थिएन । त्यो अनकन्टार गाउँमा काम नपरी वा कतैबाट सरूवामा नपरी किन पुग्ने । कुरा ठिकै हो । धेरै ठाउँमा त्यसरी नपत्याइएको स्थिति मैले सामना गरेको छु । तै पनि म “हो, घुम्नै अाएको हुँ” भन्न छाड्दिन । एकछिनपछि मान्छेहरू पत्याएजस्तो गर्न थाल्छन् । अनि मलाई वेवास्ता…

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  • Tea Lady of Basantapur, Kathmandu

    15 December 2015: Marking the ‪#‎InternationalTeaDay‬ by highlighting the entries on cuppa on the home page: https://t.co/gtYtR7OKUA [A day after the earthquake… this spot was under rubble.] Past entries on tea: Cuppa A Cup of Tea and Nizamuddin Our Cups of Tea (by Deepak) And one on coffee: A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee  

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  • Old Men of Bhaktapur

    Old Men of Bhaktapur

    I saw a group of elderly men relaxing at a sattal in Bhaktapur in a recent afternoon. They were soft-spoken folks who chatted with each other in Newari/Nepal Bhasha. Some smiled occasionally while others maintained an unchanged facial expression for long. Some frequently moved their bodies and adjusted their sitting positions while others didn’t even move…

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  • railing rest (and talk)

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