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Manila food: In the Uni canteen

Manila Food. Hint: too much meat :)

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Manila food: rice, fish, egg and mushroom

Manila food: rice, fish, egg and mushroom. ( Mushroom wasn't good.)

Too much meat. Too little vegetable. My impression of the food in Manila- especially on restaurants that are crowded by middle class and lower middle class Filipinos. I eat meat but not much. I like to try new food but such trial must always been interrupted, may be two days, by dal bhat tarkari 🙂 As the first week passed by I started craving for the food that is a daily staple in Nepal. Dal was not be seen anywhere. We went to an Indian restaurant called Bollywood in Greenbelt. Surprisingly the manager was a Nepali speaking Indain from Darjeeling area (Kolkata, he said). The food was good but I must admit that the bill was too steep. And the motton momo, dipped in the Indian chicken-gravy, was quite strange to my taste but my classmates liked it. Here’s an excerpt of an article that I wrote for Kantipur newspaper two weeks ago about Nepali students in Manila and Bangkok. The excerpt in Nepali talks about the food in Manila. Continue reading