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The Sandals…that is…Chappal

Update: Summer sandals, flip flop: Click on the link for the article that I wrote for Saturday’s (3 May) Kantipur.

No offense please, it’s brand new: DW with brand new sandals. This sandals series by Suraj Kunwar. More photos in Flickr.

Who, what, when: I, Dinesh Wagle, bought a pair of sandals today.

Where: Kathmandu Mall, New Road (Kathmandu).

Why: “That’s a very strange question to ask.”

How: Personally, went to the mall, sneaked into a few shops and found the one that I thought were good for me, bargained for at least a minute and paid the amount, didn’t take off the sandals that I had already wore and walked away from the shop.

Wait a sec, what happened to the shoes that you were wearing: Long question dude, hold your curiosity. Keep reading.

How much: After the bargain or before? Continue reading