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Marina, Chennai

The Video

July 8: The train journey from Kodaikanal Road (three hours bus ride from the Kodaikanal Hills) to Chennai was excellent. They provided us the bed sheet and pillow for Rs 15 in the rail and that made the 8-hour journey ‘very’ comfortable, my neck tells me.

I stayed awake till 12 am typing one of these entries. When I woke up, we were already in Chennai Egmore (railway station). I wanted to sleep more! But the Marina was waiting for me. The beach that is. So we went directly to the beach that is not very far from the station and felt the coolness of the ‘Bay of Bengal’ water. The beach was dirty even in the early hour when very few vending stalls were open for business. Things including pieces of glasses were scattered all over the sand. But that didn’t stop us from playing with water and waves and taking loads of pictures. Continue reading

To Ernakulam and In Fort Cochin

The Train Journey

In front of a chai pasal (tea shop) in Fort Cochhin

Initially, at the time of leaving Kanya Kumari (on Saturday, 4th July), the train was virtually empty as it originated from that station. So we thought the whole thing belonged to us! The ‘fact’ that the train was carrying only three passengers, namely Gokul, Ishwari and Dinesh, made us feel special and free. So, using that freedom, we started wandering around, one compartment after another looking for the best seat available. We also wanted to charge the camera battery. That was primarily in our mind while selecting the seat: to have a functional charging point near the seats. The man who issued the ticket had told us that we could seat anywhere in the Sleeper Class as we had the unnumbered seats reserved for us. Continue reading

To Madhurai, From Alleppey in a General Dibba

Most of the pics were taken by, who else, Ishwari

July 5/6: Wow the real and full fledged feeling of the general dibba (compartment) in the Indian rail was experienced in this 11 hour partly adventurous, partly torturous journey. The train arrived at the dot but with all general dibbas filled to their capacity and far beyond. It was impossible to board the train from the last compartment (general dibbas are either at the front or the rear end of the train). Then we ran towards the front one. To make things worse, it was pouring and the general dibba was far from the shade. We reached the door only to see a massive crowd inside. No place to put a leg. It was a do or die situation. I jumped over a man’s leg and forced myself inside like a hammer. It worked. I paved a small but crucial way for my travel mates. Continue reading

Kerala Express: Day Two (Music n Booze)

[Some of the photos posted below are from Day 3]

My last trip to Kanyakumari, Rameshworam, Goa journey. And the first Indian Rail and beach visit. I’ll put the rest of the photos of that trip-October 2008- soon and some of the snaps are strikingly similar.

It’s a new day.

The wind that blows in to the train compartment from the door is pretty strong when the train is moving fast

The following are my Tweets that pretty much sum up the day:

1. Now charging the iPhone in a ‘Static Inverter For Mobile/Laptop Charging Point’ near the Latrine in the compartment. Good view frm da doors!

NOTE: That was early in the morning and there was a queue of three folks who wanted to charge their cell phones. I had to wait for about 1 hour to get my turn. Somehow the iPhone started showing the fully charged signal within 10 mins and when it was plugged out, would show the real power (which was understandably not fully charged). After a few minutes of playing with the cables, it worked. Soon, the there came other ppl and one wanted to charge for ‘only 10 minutes, i have a business call.’ After resisting for abt 10 mins, i gave up. Continue reading

रेलभित्रको सिपाही

दिनेश वाग्ले
वाग्ले स्ट्रिट जर्नल
यो लेख आजको कान्तिपुर कोसेलीमा प्रकाशित भएको हो ।

त्रिपन बाउन जिरो सिक्स सेभेन राइफलम्यान सुरेन्द्र हमाल।

त्रिपन बाउन जिरो सिक्स सेभेन राइफलम्यान सुरेन्द्र हमाल।

‘कति बज्यो दाइ?’

मेरा दुवै हातमा घडी थिएन, जो म पक्का थिएँ, उसले ठम्याएको थियो। तैपनि उसले सोध्यो।

साढे ३२ सय किलोमिटर परको सुदूर दक्षिण भारतीय सहर त्रिवेन्द्रमलाई लक्ष्य बनाएर बिहानै गोरखपुर छाडेको तीन घन्टा मात्र भएको थियो। ‘राप्तीसागर सुपरफास्ट एक्स्प्रेस’ नामको एक छेउबाट अर्को नदेखिने रेल लखनउ पुग्न तीन घन्टा जति बाँकी थियो। भारतीय रेल पहिलोपटक चढेको भए पनि नेपाली सीमा नजिकैको सहरबाट छुटेको त्यो साधनमा नेपाली आवाज मैले अपेक्षै नगरेको चाहिँ थिएन। तर दसैंको बेला यो नेपाली ठिटो किन यो रेलमा? Continue reading