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Jodhpur: the Blue City and Forts

jodhpur_fort_pink_city (3)@ the Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Sept 2009

Here are some of the tweets from the journey to Jodhpur from Chandigarh.

1. After making a round of Chandigarh, heading 2 railway station 2 catch train 2 Jodhpur, Rajasthan. A Chinese n a Nepali exploring India

2. @ d upper berth of d train 2 Jodhpur. It’s 18 hr journey. Expected arivl tym 16:30 hrs tom. Verdict on Chandigarh: beautifully made city

3. This berth’s pain in my neck, v low, can’t sit. Thankfully long enough 2 stretch legs but 1 in Bombay-Gorakhpur train in Oct was torturous

4. Tryin 2 sleep, missing pillow. 2 days ago, in Jammu-Amritsar train, my shoulder had kindly become pillow 4 a man!http://twitpic.com/gc1ui

5. The rail journey to Rajasthan. Smile from the berth. Co-travelers including Xu Jie are sleeping 🙂 http://twitpic.com/gc0vh

6. As I switched on phone, got dis SMS: Airtel Welcomes you to Rajasthan. We wish you a pleasant stay here…[it’s mornin, train’s still movin]

7. Feeling unbelievably sleepy. Train moving smwhere in Rajasthan. Desert like scene frm windows. Dust particles flowing in, can c em on phone

8. Arrived @ Bikaner Jn. leaving Lalgarh station behind. It’s not the same Maoist hotbed Lalgarh of West Bengal. I am in Rajastan.

9. Dis lil Bhanjo was makin his Mama (maternal uncle) go crazy by all his lil fundas. Almst jumped off (halted) train http://twitpic.com/gej5v

10. This train makes it’s passengers hungry! No chaiwallah, food vendors in sight since morning. Amazed. N will soon be starved : (

11. It’s bin 20 mins since dis train (Barmer-Kalka) stopped @ Badwasi station aprntly waitin 4 signal. startin 2 fil hungr. Jodhpur’s 3 hrs away

12. @abishadh yea, got pakauda like things in a station n water n some juice. After eatin Slept and Xu had to wake me up @ d Jodhpur station

13. @peterfrancon Dal Bhat’s paramount. God, hail d almighty, can wait. Jst had nice dinner @ Shivam paying gst house near Clock Tower, Jodhpur

14.  The itinerary. Tom: Jodhpur, night: head to Jaisalmer (desert). Next: Udaipur via Jodhpur. From there, back to Delhi on 10th

15. @peterfrancon it was a nice day 2de. Can hear 9 PM dhamakas nw, coming frm Fort. Will reach Jaisalmer tom morn. Hoping 2 c desert 1st time!