Jodhpur: the Blue City and Forts

jodhpur_fort_pink_city (3)@ the Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Sept 2009

Here are some of the tweets from the journey to Jodhpur from Chandigarh.

1. After making a round of Chandigarh, heading 2 railway station 2 catch train 2 Jodhpur, Rajasthan. A Chinese n a Nepali exploring India

2. @ d upper berth of d train 2 Jodhpur. It’s 18 hr journey. Expected arivl tym 16:30 hrs tom. Verdict on Chandigarh: beautifully made city

3. This berth’s pain in my neck, v low, can’t sit. Thankfully long enough 2 stretch legs but 1 in Bombay-Gorakhpur train in Oct was torturous

4. Tryin 2 sleep, missing pillow. 2 days ago, in Jammu-Amritsar train, my shoulder had kindly become pillow 4 a man!

5. The rail journey to Rajasthan. Smile from the berth. Co-travelers including Xu Jie are sleeping 🙂

6. As I switched on phone, got dis SMS: Airtel Welcomes you to Rajasthan. We wish you a pleasant stay here…[it’s mornin, train’s still movin]

7. Feeling unbelievably sleepy. Train moving smwhere in Rajasthan. Desert like scene frm windows. Dust particles flowing in, can c em on phone

8. Arrived @ Bikaner Jn. leaving Lalgarh station behind. It’s not the same Maoist hotbed Lalgarh of West Bengal. I am in Rajastan.

9. Dis lil Bhanjo was makin his Mama (maternal uncle) go crazy by all his lil fundas. Almst jumped off (halted) train

10. This train makes it’s passengers hungry! No chaiwallah, food vendors in sight since morning. Amazed. N will soon be starved : (

11. It’s bin 20 mins since dis train (Barmer-Kalka) stopped @ Badwasi station aprntly waitin 4 signal. startin 2 fil hungr. Jodhpur’s 3 hrs away

12. @abishadh yea, got pakauda like things in a station n water n some juice. After eatin Slept and Xu had to wake me up @ d Jodhpur station

13. @peterfrancon Dal Bhat’s paramount. God, hail d almighty, can wait. Jst had nice dinner @ Shivam paying gst house near Clock Tower, Jodhpur

14.  The itinerary. Tom: Jodhpur, night: head to Jaisalmer (desert). Next: Udaipur via Jodhpur. From there, back to Delhi on 10th

15. @peterfrancon it was a nice day 2de. Can hear 9 PM dhamakas nw, coming frm Fort. Will reach Jaisalmer tom morn. Hoping 2 c desert 1st time!