Roses of Chandigarh

The Tweet: On my way to Chandigarh, with my Chinese friend, in a bus. Good bye Amritsar! Stay @ Golden Temple was great experience.#IndiaTour #India 7:58 PM Sep 2nd from Echofon

Rose of Chandirarh

In Chandigarh, where we came from Amritsar in a bus, Xu Jie was my guide. He had been there the previous week. He took me to the Rose Garden, Rock Garden, a museum (which was closed by the time we reached) and a beautiful lake (where we couldn’t boat though as we were late by half an hour or so.) But it was fun all day long and I found the city of Chandigarh, ‘first planned city’ of India, beautiful and organized. Before venturing out, we had booked our rail tickets to Jodhpur. In fact, I wasn’t sure about getting tickets and was planning to head back to Delhi in the evening. But Xu managed to get one for me. [Tweet: @snkr LOL @ Chandigarh n in railway reservation center. Lookin 4 train ticket 2 Jodhpur. If I get, will go, if nt bak 2 Delhi 🙂 1:30 AM Sep 3rd from Echofon in reply to snkr (disppalyed time in tweets is incoherent but so what!)]

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