Three Nights in Golden Temple, Amritsar

a kid runs after taking dip in the sacred pond at the golden temple, amritsar

I reached the Golden Temple in the evening and a receptionist-cum-security guard at the international dorm said no beds were available there. As I was about to move away, he said: “Will you sleep on the floor?” After a few seconds of hesitation, I said “yes”. He put a thin mattress on the floor as I could see all beds were occupied by colorful people assembled there from different parts of the world. As evening passed by I started talking to some of them. By the time everyone slept, there appeared to have one empty bed. I quietly jumped over that in the darkness and occupied the same for the next two nights. It was a pleasant stay in the Golden Temple compound. Food, the Langar, was served to anyone for free. So was the dorm (this one for international tourists). But you can’t eat that food daily, you want something different to taste in Punjab. So I tired some other varieties in restaurants in the market not very far from the temple. Clicking on a photo will bring descriptions in some cases. [Related post: