United Colors of China!

Passports issued by China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Here are my tweets (reverse order):

6. Interesting scene in dorm: 2 Tiawanese boys, a Hong Kong girl n a mainland Chinese boy on latter’s bed talking: http://twitpic.com/g44qh 12:20 PM Sep 1st from Echofon

5. Told d Israeli de dnt ‘ve particularly gud reputation among profit-eying Nepali tour business. Told abt Do’s n Donts in Nepal, wher 2 go etc 11:30 AM Sep 1st from Echofon

4. Jst gave lng sermon (sharing experience) 2 Israeli who’ll b trekking Annapurna Circuit, visiting Kathmandu nxt wikhttp://tinyurl.com/kkvbw911:26 AM Sep 1st from Echofon

3. The Chinese,27, taught architech in Tibet Uni b4 going Nepal n India: “We don’t know all the truth but I do t care as long as there’s peace”10:25 AM Sep 1st from Echofon

2. Talking 2 Chinese who visited Nepal 3 wk ago as 1st abroad trip. “Not going Dharmashala” he said smilingly. “My government may bcome angry.”10:16 AM Sep 1st from Echofon

1. @ Golden Temple intrnatl guest house. Luckily got bed (not exactly bed but still) in dorm’s floor. LOL. After all, came here 2 experience.8:49 AM Sep 1st from Echofon