Cover thy Head 2

golden temple, amritsar

People of all religious backgrounds or of no religious faith are welcomed into a Sikh Gurdwara. However, it is necessary that any visitors remove their shoes, wash their hands and cover their head with a rumāl before entering the Darbar Sahib.

Here are my recent tweets (reverse order):

1. This city Amritsar is far better than Jammu. I can feel that. I like the aura.8:00 AM Sep 1st from Echofon

2. 60-yr-old Cycle ricksaw wallah pulling me 2ward Golden Temple. One cute Sardar phuchhe was looking at me a while ago.7:52 AM Sep 1st from Echofon

3. Now, this one is live Tweet. M @ Amritsar Junction (station). Arrived here an hour ago and gulped frootie, mirinda, maaza. Still thirsty7:33 AM Sep 1st from Echofon