Rickshaw Ride

Coming back from a lake, we took a rickshaw ride to the city center, Chandigarh. The rickshaw puller asked quite a few tough questions to the Chinese passengers- Xu Jie who is looking from above my head and another girl who is peeking from above my shoulder.

The Rickshaw puller asked: What’s your religion? When the girl said ‘we are atheist, we don’t have religion’ he said: “no no, tell me what is your religion. Are you Hindu? Muslim? Christian.”

Another question: When will you give freedom to Tibbat (Tibet)?

The girl, more outspoken than our gentleman Xu, said: “Please, don’t ask us such difficult questions.”

Third question: Do you have big roads like this?
The Girl: Oh yea, we have a lot many roads like this and they are better.

Please post your thoughts. (कृपया तपाईंलाई लागेको लेख्नुस् ।)

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