Riding Camels in Jaisalmer

jaisalmer_camel_safari (8)Tied to Graze: They carry full loads of human and other items during the duty hours. During the off hour, their legs are tied and left to graze. The life of camel.

Tweets (in reverse order):
6.  @snkr It’s ramailo bt camel daudida chai afulai bado pida n kasta hune! Same 4 sand-sleeping. But now, thinking after doing it, feels good! [Riding camel’s an enjoyable experince but when they run you feel the pain in your butt]
5.  Leaving Jaisalmer in train (which’ll move in few mins-@11:10) ll reach Jodhpur @ 5am 2 catch bus 2 Udaipur. Jaisalmer fort’s like old city

Videos from the desert

Riding Camel, Video


Singing and dancing in the desert

4.  @peterfrancon camel ride’s fun. When they run, u feel their pai in your butt. [That could be a good scene from afar…people riding on camel that is running. It always looks good to see a man riding on a racing horse. But the constant bumping makes it really painful.]
3.  Back 2 Jaisalmer city frm Camel safari (29 hours total) in ‘desert’. Apart frm Camel ride, Sleeping on Sand under open sky was highlight
2.  In Jaisamler: Early morning haggling 4 Camel Safari. Experienced cutthroat competition betwn hoteliers @ rlwy station. 2nite: Ganga Dune.
1. This train, 2 Jaisalmer, expected 2 move in 15 mins. Eager 2 get some sleep, it was long hot day of palace-hopping. Tomorrow: Camel Safari

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