Extreme Nepal: Karnali Highway

The extreme airport video of Lukla reminded me of an extreme highway in West Nepal on which I have traveled thrice. A documentary (below) on Karnali highway made by a French production company rates the highway as one of the world’s most dangerous. My first journey on the highway that lasted for 52 hours straight […]

The Spirit of the Karnali Highway!

Super Tired. Nearly Depleted. Almost Finished. There are some moments when you are tired and almost finished with whatever energy that you have got in your body. But the fact that there is still some work to do makes you go crazy. I was in that state when these photos were taken by David Geoffrion, […]

अक्करे भीरका डाइवर दाई

दिनेश वाग्ले वाग्ले स्ट्रिट जर्नल [थप तस्बिर सहितको अंग्रेजी संस्करण यहाँ छ: Tales of a Highway Driver in Karnali ] पहरो छिचोलेर कटेको कालीकोटे कच्ची सडकमा सदरमुकाम मान्मलाई पछि पार्दै एउटा ट्रयाक्टर जुम्लातिर बढीरहेको थियो । सामानले भरिएको त्यो गाडीलाई केही मिटरसम्म चार साना, काठे पाङ्ग्रे र घाँसले सिगारिएका ‘मिनी ट्रक’ र ‘ट्रयाक्टर’ले पछ्याए । […]

After a Month in Karnali, I am Back in Kathmandu

I am back in Kathmandu. I came here on the last day of February flying from Jumla to Nepalgunj and from there to Kathmandu. I was in Karnali for a month (February). I did travel the Karnali Highway (Jumla-Surkhet) twice this time. From Jumla to Surkhet and from Surkhet to Jumla. I also went to […]

After a Night in Nepalgunj, I am in Jumla

After the first ever helicopter ride, I take a first ever walk in Jumla headquarters. There are many firsts. 04 July: By all accounts and activities that I experienced today, it was indeed a historic day. Let me be chronological because histories are recorded that way. I woke up at 06:45 even as I had […]