Maoist Party Literature

Maoist Party Literature: Realized in past couple of days that I had never read Maoist party literature before. Amazingly complex writeup/sentences in Prachanda’s “work”. Hadn’t read all these “famous” decisions like that of Chunbang meet, 2nd National Conference & Phuntibang meet of the Maoist party during and after the armed conflict (1996-2006). Feels like knowing […]

A piece of bus literature

Many of us may have seen those often funny and rhythmic lines written on the back of trucks. Articles have been written about them. But I hadn’t seen (or don’t recall seeing one) such lines written right on the sun shade of a bus. Usually drivers and their assistants known as khalasis (gadi sahayak) put […]

Jaipur Literature Festival 2010

“How was it?” asked my friend Deepak when he knew from me that I was back in Delhi from attending two days of Jaipur Literature Festival. Here’s what I replied: It was good. Very few books were to be seen as it wasn’t a book festival but literature. Writers talked about not just their books […]

Harry Potter and Reading Culture in Nepal

Thanks to the exposure that the Nepali society has gotten over the last decade and the new trend of marketing the books via glittering advertisement campaign, writers becoming celebrity is becoming a mainstream in Nepali society. “It’s sad that even after the arrival of the seventh book,” wrote a disgruntled reader from Dolakha in Kantipur […]