Watching a Nepali Movie: An Experience

And the experience was horrible. Actress Arunima Lamsal in a premiere show of her sixth movie Abhimanyu in a Kathmandu theater on Friday, 5 Jan. Pics by Bikas Rauniar Two days ago, I watched a Nepali movie called Abhimanyu (name of a character in ancient epic Mahabharat who falls into a spiral and is killed […]

Web 2.0 in Nepal and Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

“Congratulations,” says my Kantipur daily colleague Sudeep Shrestha. “YOU have been named Person of the Year by Time Magazine.” “Congratulations to you as well,” I respond. After all, YOU are also included in that you. “But you really deserve the accolade,” he says. “Because you were one of those who posted content on the web. […]

Traffic Chaos in Kathmandu

So the winter has arrived in Kathmandu. People have started putting on thick clothes like jackets and sweaters. I got well, as of now, and back to the daily business of news, blogs and talks. The effects of Protest Politics in Kathmandu are still visible and they are causing problems to Kathmanduits. The other day […]

Internet Connection in Nepal and Web Sites Problem

Internet connection in Nepal is slow, expensive and limited. It is advanced and improved compared to how it was a few years ago. But, it seems, we are taking yet another leap in terms of increasing speed and reducing price! Nepal Telecom is at the last phase of striking deals with two Indian companies that, […]

स्याब्रुका डाक्टर काठमाडौंका राजदूत

दिनेश वाग्ले हाईस्कुल पास गरेपछि सन् १९६९ मा हजुरबाका साथीको उक्साहटमा यात्रामा निस्केका अंग्रेज काठमाडौं ओर्लिए । ककनीस्थित बेलायती राजदूतको बंगलामा थकाई मारेपछि ती १८ वर्षे ‘व्याकप्याकर’ अन्नपूर्ण पदयात्रामा हानिए । एन्ड्रयु हल नामका तीनै यात्री दुई साता अगाडि नेपाल आएका छन्- बेलायती राजदूतका रूपमा । ‘आफ्नो दोस्रो घर आएको छु,’ पहिलो प्रेस अन्तर्वार्तामा ५६ […]

Week Review: Animal Nepal & Judith Miller

I am wondering how my week passed away. I didn’t actually realize it. Only two things I remember is that I worked a lot and I wasn’t feeling very well throughout the week. Did that sound contradictory? Okay, then that’s what is the truth. It’s an old tradition for me that I suffer from cold […]

Nepal’s Polyandry Tradition: Young Men Don’t Want to Share Their Wife With Brothers in Kimathanka

LIFE IS a Journey. I have been to the far east and the far west regions of Nepal but have not crossed more than a kilometer of its international boundaries yet. Reporting is my profession. I get some opportunities to travel on assignment. I still remember my October 2001 Kimathanka trip that also included visit […]