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Who cares about the world when you are tired...

Day Out in Manila. Photos


It's hot in Manila


Who cares about the world when you are tired...

Who cares about the world when you are tired...DW and MK on the bank of Pasig River, at Fort Santiago, Manila.

These are not the photos taken in a day. One day MK and I went to the Immigration office to inquire about visa extension (he had extend while I wasn’t sure if I needed to). [In another outing AL and PB were also present.] A branch office where we first went to wouldn’t do that. We had to go to the main office. Near the Immigration office, on the bank of Pasig river, is the China Town of Manila (Binondo). (Binondo’s Chinatown located in Manila, Philippines is the oldest Chinatown in the world, established in 1594, says an entry in Wikipedia). Continue reading

beer station in mall of asia manila (0)

Mall of Asia, Manila Bay and a Glass of Draught Beer (a Photo Album)

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In my first evening out in Manila, I was taken to Manila Bay and the Mall of Asia. Here are some images taken during that trip. I went to both of these places later too during daytime. I am not a great fan of beer- alcohol in general- and draft beer was certainly new to me. Especially the way the it was served as if it were lassi or something similar. But the brand of the beer, San Miguel- if not the taste- felt so familiar. And the MOA? Very big yes but, apart from that, nothing special. The Bay? It was nice. If I am to vote, though, I may go for the Marine Drive, Mumbai– a much smaller place by size but relatively cleaner and better organized.