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The Indian Democracy

Just as our April 2008 poll verdict, this Indian election, it appears, was about stability and progress of India

By Dinesh Wagle
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Indian naitonal congress party victory
A kid, carrying the Indian National Congress Party flag, walks on the street in front of the Congress headquarters in New Delhi on the day of the counting of votes of the month-long parliamentary elections. Congress emerged as the single largest party with more seats than it got in 2004 polls. Pic by Zakaria Zainal

One thing that provides India with the world’s, particularly the West’s, trust and respect is its virtually stable and reasonably functioning democracy. Like in Nepal, votes can still be bought by a glass of drink in many parts of India and millions don’t cast their vote but vote their caste. And many don’t even care about the democratic process. They ask a brutally simple question: “How does it matter to me who wins or loses?” Therein lies a challenge to all democracies all over the globe: indeed, how to attract people to the decision-making process and make it more inclusive? But still democracy in India is a matchless outlet for people to vent their anger, dissatisfaction, frustration and, at the same time, express their desires, aspirations and dreams. Continue reading

रुखमुनी रत्नपार्क

दिनेश वाग्ले
वाग्ले स्ट्रिट जर्नल
[यो लेख आजको कान्तिपुर कोसेलीमा प्रकाशित भएको हो ।]

ratna park under a tree
डडुवा-६, रामेछापका हिमबहादुर रानामगरलाई अगाडी राखेर जोशिदै र हात फैलाउँदै गफिएका कमल थापा

‘अब सम्बिधान बनाउन…’ उनले भने ।

‘उनीहरुकै बहुमत चाहियो..,’ अर्काले बीचैमा थपे ।

‘अँ, उनीहरुकै बहुमत चाहियो..,’ उनले त्यसलाई स्विकार्दै आफूलाई निरन्तरता दिए- ‘अब संविधान बनाउन (पार्टीका) एजेन्डा चाहि उस्तै छन् । सबै कुरा मिल्छन्, विचार मिल्छन्, तर जाने बेलामा चाहि यहाँ लर्डाई ? सम्बिधानका धारा पास गर्न दुइ तिहाई चाहिन्छ भनेको छ क्यारे, यो हिसावले हो भने भोली पासै गर्न गाह्रो हुन्छ । अर्ढाई बर्षा के नौ बर्षा पनि हुदैन । हो कि होइन भन्नु त ?’ Continue reading