Nepal Votes. And I Also Voted. Again.

As you can see from the excerpt of an old entry below I was super excited about voting and about the election process back in 2008. It was because I believed, as I do now- sort of, those were the ‘historic’ elections for the CA. If same thing happens in exactly about five years, it […]


हामी सबै वाक्क र दिक्क भएका छौ नि हैन दलहरू र तिनका नेताहरूको निरन्तरको झगडाबाट । किन होला ? आजको पत्रिकामा मैले एउटा लेख यो वाक्यबाट टुङ्ग्याएको छु- नेपाली राजनीति ‘एकले अर्कोलाई स्वीकार्न नसकेका’ औसत क्षमताका मानिसहरूको नियन्त्रणमा छ, जो साना समस्याको बुद्धिमत्तापूर्ण समाधान खोज्न दिमाग लगाउनुको साटो गालीगलौज र झगडाको निम्नस्तरमा ओर्लिन्छन् । […]

Last day of Constituent Assembly […if not extended]

As seen outside the Constituent Assembly complex in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu today. The CA’s term will expire today (midnight) if it is not extended. There are have been signs that it could be extended for a few months. Posted from WordPress for Android

Yet another Nepal banda. Bus burnt (no one killed).

Kathmandu: A small group of criminals set a passenger bus on fire at the Manohara bridge early in the morning today (around 4:30 am). The bus was coming out from a garage in Balkot, Bhaktapur, to ply on the Nepal Yatayat route, according to my colleague Makar Shrestha who reached at the stop some 15 minutes after […]

Khabardaar! 19 days to go… for the Constitution (that may not come by the deadline)

One of the two western entrances of the Constituent Assembly building in New Baneshwar, Kathmandu. Political class has given strong signals that the constitution may not come by Jestha 14, 2068 (28 May). And there was: Khabardar! 74 Days to Draft Constitution in Nepal Posted from WordPress for Android

[झक्कुलाई झापड] A Man, Teashop Owner, Slaps a (Maoist) Lawmaker (Tweets- for the record)

For the record: Premraj Devkota, the teashop owner just outside Kantipur complex- where my office is located- slapped Maoist lawmaker Jhakku Prasad Subedi. Like many staffs at Kantipur I too have gone many times for tea and quick snacks at Premraj daju’s place (though its not my favorite teashop- didn’t even know his name till […]

Khabardar! 74 Days to Draft Constitution in Nepal

This one is for the members of the Constituent Assembly. A board has been put up at the gate of the Constituent Assembly complex in New Baneswar, Kathmandu to remind the CA members the deadline. Posted from WordPress for Android

A Man from Gorkha in Delhi who Voted for Dr. Baburam Bhattarai

The young man is from Dr. Bhattarai’s constituency in Gorkha district By Dinesh Wagle It was the hottest June day in five years, Delhi boiling at 45 degrees Celsius. I was waiting for someone at the international airport. There I met him. He had gone there to receive one of his relatives from Kathmandu who […]

Politics of Religion and Conversion

By Dinesh Wagle A conference of Nepali and Indian ultra-Hindu rightists in Mumbai last week has decided to launch “a coordinated campaign to re-establish Nepal as a Hindu state”. Kamal Thapa, who sees his future in religion-based politics, participated. Thapa said the conference expressed concern over sinister plans being carried out in Nepal to wipe […]

Shah Rukh Khan: Don’t Apologize to Shiv Sena

Update (04-Jan): Speaking in London where he is promoting his movie My Name is Khan, Shah Rukh Khan today said: “I don’t know what the issue is all about…I don’t know what I am supposed to retract. Am I supposed to retract the fact I’m an Indian but I don’t want anyone to come to […]