Khabardar! 74 Days to Draft Constitution in Nepal


This one is for the members of the Constituent Assembly. A board has been put up at the gate of the Constituent Assembly complex in New Baneswar, Kathmandu to remind the CA members the deadline.

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  1. We hope that, Our motherland will get the proposed Nepal ko Samvidhan 2067 within that period or else it may be a farce like distributing seats in coalition government, where everyone want to its pie of cake,but there remain nothing due to endless greed of the holder of the cake – Dr S D SINGH, MUMBAI.


  2. यो ७४ दिन सकिए पछि, त्यो टाईमरलाई पनि लाज लाग्छ ।
    अनि फेरी सुरु हुन्छ ३६५ बाट !
    कसैलाई आश लागेको छ र समयमा संविधान बन्छ भनेर ?


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