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  • An ‘AirTruck’. Headed to China.

    An ‘AirTruck’. Headed to China.

    One recent afternoon I spotted a few beautifully decorated trucks not very far from the China border north of Kathmandu. They were stuck there. Mudslides had blocked a long stretch of the narrow road, or what we in Nepal unashamedly call a highway. I asked a driver why his truck along with others had images…

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  • Kathmandu Road- Evening

    Kathmandu Road- Evening

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  • Bikers and a Chair

    Bikers and a Chair

    Spotted this on Monday. Can anyone tell where this is?

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  • malangawa, sarlahi streets on a rainy day

    21 June: My impression of Malangawa where I am now for the first time? Very basic bazaar. Feels like nothing here is in good shape. But that’s when you are frustrated. Feel good and you start realizing that the place is normal, like any other district headquarters that have unpaved roads, dilapidated buildings and dirty…

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  • Rukum to Dang

    Rukum to Dang

    Here are some photos from my bus ride on what people are forced to call a ‘highway’ that connects Rukum with Dang. In between these districts is Salyan. The road isn’t blacktopped which meant a bumpy ride that lasted for about 7 hours. The funniest thing is that I ended up, albeit reluctantly, sharing a hotel…

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  • Bangkok

    Today is the 7th and second last day in Bangkok, Thailand. I’ll cross over to a neighboring country tomorrow. [The name the place literally means “Siam Defeated” according to Wikitravels.] I am not posting here photos of high-rise buildings and glitchy malls of Bangkok in this entry. Will do that, may be, in next posts about…

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  • Cycling their way home. #Kathmandu

    Two middle-aged men drag their bicycles on the slope leading up to Koteshwor, Kathmandu this evening. In these times of “environmental consciousness” I can safely assume that they are not trying to make any statements like “we are toiling because we care for our environment” and “we prefer cycling because we dislike traveling in vehicles…

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  • Our Poverty [and dry food to Japan]

    Have a look at the following tweet by Steve Herman, a journalist for VOA, based in  Seoul, Korea. Nepal (with an annual per capita income of $450) said preparing to send aid biscuits to #Japan ($33,000 annual per capita income). — Steve Herman (@W7VOA) March 23, 2011 Very interesting and true, isn’t it? Japan’s Kyodo…

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  • Extreme Nepal: Karnali Highway

    Extreme Nepal: Karnali Highway

    The extreme airport video of Lukla reminded me of an extreme highway in West Nepal on which I have traveled thrice. A documentary (below) on Karnali highway made by a French production company rates the highway as one of the world’s most dangerous. My first journey on the highway that lasted for 52 hours straight…

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