Cycling their way home. #Kathmandu


Two middle-aged men drag their bicycles on the slope leading up to Koteshwor, Kathmandu this evening. In these times of “environmental consciousness” I can safely assume that they are not trying to make any statements like “we are toiling because we care for our environment” and “we prefer cycling because we dislike traveling in vehicles that consume fossil fuel”.

Motorbikes are the most preferred form of transportation in the city for those who can afford them (and those who can’t afford a car). I don’t think people put their concern for environment before their desire to travel comfortably. Bicycling could be fun (or even fashionable) during the bandas in Kathmandu but this city is not bicycle-friendly. Not just because there are no separate lanes for bicycle on roads. There are far too many slopes in the city which means bicyclists have to get off their cycles and drag them, like in the photo above, every kilometer or two.

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3 thoughts on “Cycling their way home. #Kathmandu

  1. Concern

    Do you have any problem with people who ride bicycles? I know people who ride them in Kathmandu because they solely wish to lead an environmentally friendly life. They can easily afford motorbikes but have chosen not to buy them. And that’s a good thing to happen isn’t it? To have people who practice what they believe in? So, you are wrong in saying people put comfort before their concern for environment.


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