म साँझको पाहुना

“त्यै सरको अोछ्यानमा सुत्नेभए पाइन्छ,” उनले भनिन् । त्यो सुन्दा म साह्रै ढुक्क भएको थिएँ । त्यसअघि थुप्रैबाट मैले निराशाजनक जवाफ पाएको थिएँ । तैपनि झिनो अाशा राखेर मैले उनलाई सोधेको थिएँ, “वास पाइन्छ तपाईकहाँ ?” हालैको एक सप्ताहन्त म जापानले बनाइदिएको बन्दिलो साँघुरी राजमार्गमा केही समय दौडिएर दिन ढल्किनै लाग्दा मास्तिर उक्लिएको थिएँ । […]

Rukumkot’s Sisnu Festival

A day after Maghi there were no signs on colors in Rukumkot village. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to see young boys and girls in Rukumkot hitting each other below the knees by stinging nettle. Dozens of boys and girls had gathered around the Village Development Committee building in the afternoon. Most of them held bunches of […]

Some images from Rukum

I saw that people in some villages of Rukum and Rolpa celebrated the Maghi festival like the way many in other parts of Nepal celebrate the Holi festival- by smearing their faces in colored powders. (See here how people of Thabang village celebrated.) A day after Maghi, after my return from Thabang, at Khabang Bagar […]

A tractor ride and the highway

To the plains, I traveled a distance of about 96 kilometers in the past 36 hours. Of those thirty-six hours, I spent almost 11 hours in Jeeps (four in total including a Hulas Mustang) AND a tractor with six wheels. Of those 11 hours 2 may have been spent taking breaks and waiting for the […]

A trip to rural Lalitpur (outside Kathmandu Valley)

Bus ride: definitely not a joy ride. Challenges of driving on a single lane ‘highway’. I had gone to some rural villages of Lalitpur last week to see and experience the life there. All these villages are outside of Kathmandu valley though many people may think that the entire Lalitpur district lies inside the Valley. […]