A trip to rural Lalitpur (outside Kathmandu Valley)

Bus ride: definitely not a joy ride.

Challenges of driving on a single lane ‘highway’.

I had gone to some rural villages of Lalitpur last week to see and experience the life there. All these villages are outside of Kathmandu valley though many people may think that the entire Lalitpur district lies inside the Valley. My colleague at Kantipur, Krishna Gyawali who covers Lalitpur for the newspaper, accompanied me. The trip started from Lagankhel where we took a bus to Chapagaun, the largest village of Lalitpur. At Chapagaun we bought tickets up to Chhapele, Bhattedanda. The first bus had already left by the time we reached there (8:30 am). This one was supposed to leave at 9 am but, as it happens with most things in Nepal, the bus finally left Chapagaun at 10:30. Rest of the travelogue, in Nepali, as published in Saturday’s Kantipurयस्तै छ साथी हाम्रो हाल

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