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A Blog From Inside a Lavatory

Warning: This blog post deals with a peeing experience in a movie theater lavatory. If you happen to come here via search engines, web links, RSS feeds or directly entering the domain address of the site on the address bar of the web browser, I want to remind you that this might not be a very interesting topic to you. So you can avoid reading it.

It’s not unusual when you have to stand in a queue. A queue could be anywhere: in petrol pump (gas station) or temple or, as it happened with me this evening, a lavatory. It was the interval watching a disappointing Indian (Bollywood) movie called Om Shanti Om in Jay Nepal theater. I had drunk two cups of coffee before the going in front of the screen. That was really at the front. I couldn’t get tickets for more convenient place at the rear and I didn’t feel like returning from theater without watching the much hyped movie I ended up in a seat on second row from the front. I was worried about my neck but, as of now (after about five hours from the end of the show), just like any other necks: fit and fine. Continue reading