announcement and comeback

I had planned to write and post this entry two 40 weeks back. That’s the plan I made six 44 weeks ago. But I could not. Not because it’s a difficult topic to write about (may be it is) but because I was busy. When I was not busy I was lazy. So the news is this: […]

एउटा लामो ट्वीट [a very long tweet]

ठूलो पार्न यहा क्लिके हुन्छ । त्यस्तै आजै प्रकाशित ‘साताका ट्वीट्स‘

फुटबल फेसबुकको भित्तोमा

दिनेश वाग्ले एक्लै फुटबल हेर्नुको नमज्जा के भने ‘गोओओओओ….ल’ भनेर चिच्याउन नपाइने । सुन्ने कोही नभएपछि त्यसको के अर्थ ? आइभोरी कोस्ट र ब्राजिल भिड्दै थिए । फ्यावियानो र इलानोले तीन गोल ठोकेपछि खेल पूरै एकपक्षीय बनेकाले अरुचि जाग्दै थियो । रोमान्च थप्न अफ्रिकी टोलीले गोल फर्काउनैपर्छ भन्ने चाहना थियो । ड्रोग्बाले पनि एक हानिहाले […]

The Twitter World Cup #Football

It feels like everybody in the world is in one room watching the match together. By Dinesh Wagle Every World Cup tournament is a watershed in the history of football. With the stunning display of human emotions and talents, the game rejuvenates millions of people around the world. Those who watch the games will talk […]

A Nepali Death in the age of Twitter and Facebook (RIP #GPK)

Nepal’s top leader dies. Nepalis all over the world react hysterically on the Web. This blog entry is a supplement to a news report that I wrote in today’s Kantipur titled: निधनको खबरले भरियो फेसबुक [Facebook filled with the news of death (of GPK)] When Girija Prasad Koirala was born in 1925 Nepal was a […]