Dreaming For Pizzas

Stan, Anu and I played cards on the way after we were ‘trapped’ in a hotel by rainfall. The game called “Ass Hole” was interesting. Most of the time, Stan was the AH (sorry to write this, Stan!) where as Anu was President. I challenged Stan for the post of AH frequently and won! (not so happy moment for me!) On the way, we discussed world politics, Nepal’s “People’s war”, and about Information Technology- like why Hotmail was limiting it’s facilities to users, why Yahoo is still good for emails, why the inventor of junk mail filter will be millionaire instantly, and why Google and Froogle are becoming immensely popular day by day. Yes, we cracked some jokes too.

When we were walking in Shivapuri National Park jungle area, we were missing each other while doing ‘business’! Because Stan had some stomach problems due to “half cooked rice” we ate the day before, he was doing more business than rest of the team members. When we were climbing countless stairs in Sundarijal (Hum, Stan was saying he counted 10 million and 25, ha ha ha), we were all feeling our knees, dreaming about hot shower, steamy pizzas, cool ice creams, and a good bed. Stan’s dream was a bit crazy: doing all things at the same time. Like, sleeping on the bed and start taking shower, and while doing so, eat well!