Horse breastfeeding

तपाईँलाई इमेलमै पछिल्लो ब्लग, लेख र तस्बिर पठाउन पाउनु मेरोलागि खुशीको कुरा हुनेछ । बाकसमा आफ्नो इमेल ठेगाना हाल्नु होला । धन्यवाद 🙂 Advertisements

An ‘AirTruck’. Headed to China.

One recent afternoon I spotted a few beautifully decorated trucks not very far from the China border north of Kathmandu. They were stuck there. Mudslides had blocked a long stretch of the narrow road, or what we in Nepal unashamedly call a highway. I asked a driver why his truck along with others had images […]

British Boys of Bridim

Two British teenagers are spending their time in a remote Nepali village for a good cause. By Dinesh Wagle You may think they should talk only about recent Hollywood flicks like Catch Me If You Can. They will do that too, because they have just finished reading the book on that title (they have no […]

Dreaming For Pizzas

Stan, Anu and I played cards on the way after we were ‘trapped’ in a hotel by rainfall. The game called “Ass Hole” was interesting. Most of the time, Stan was the AH (sorry to write this, Stan!) where as Anu was President. I challenged Stan for the post of AH frequently and won! (not […]

The Israeli Adventure in Gosaikunda

That was a high time of our surprise when two (of the four) Israelis came with their flashlights at about 8:20 in the night. That was ‘insane’! One guy was carrying another’s bag. We had left them in Gosaikunda in the morning. Their story goes like this: These two guys left their other two friends […]

Wanderer’s Arrival

Dinesh Wagle and Gosaikunda lake After crossing the pass, Dutch were out of sight, and we were slowly descending. Tired of walking on the snow, we were just, we were just going down, without uttering a single world. Suddenly a man appeared a little bit up. He was literally running, he was getting down with […]

Over the Gosaikunda Pass

Crossing over the Gosaikunda pass (4600m) in the morning was an exhilarating experience. The wind last night was so strong that it almost blew away the hotel room I was staying in. A plank on the roof had been shifted from its original position. This Gosaikunda pass is generally considered easier to cross. But we […]

Four Wonders of Langtang and Gosaikunda

I EXPERIENCED/SAW FOUR NEW THINGS DURING LANGTANG-GOSAINKUNDA TREK: 1. White and pink Rhododendron flowers: I had not seen pink and white Rhododendron (laligurans) flowers. I chewed some flower petals. They are edibles. Both flowers were beautiful but I liked white flowers more than the pink ones. A walk into the jungle near Langtang village was […]

Langtang-Gosaikunda: Israelis All Around

The journey to Gosaikunda began from Thulo Syabru in the midday. We met an Israeli couple on the way. The male was having some altitude problems. They were both resting there to be acclimatized. We saw lot of Israelis traveling in groups. Most of the Israelis who come to Nepal are young, just out of […]

Heading for Gosaikunda

After parting ways with Andrew, Anu and I took a short-cut and rarely walked route for Thulo Shaybru. The day was so long for us that we hardly managed to reach Thulo Shyabru before it was completely dark. That was the most tedious day in our 14 day-long tour. We had forgotten to carry drinking […]