Yestai Chha Saathi Mero Haal.

Yes, Pal, such is the present situation of mine. Just wanted to feel you guys over there the presence of myself in the blogsphere. After blogging regularly for two months or so, I wanted to have a different perspective: A readers one. So far, the experience has been enjoyable.

I have devoted most of my time to work. Workaholic is a word that, I think, will best define me. Since I assumed the responsibility of coordaniting the Arts and Style section of Kantipur Daily, the daily routine like returning home at around 12 in the midnight and goint to bed at around 1 AM, getting up at around 9 or 10 or 11 AM, and then, heading back to work.

I always wanted to work a lot. Well, I wanted to work like this, wanted to know how it feels returning home at midnight and sleeping till mid day. Couple of people like Sachin, who help us know better about the new software (Editorial) in office, sometime teases me about my marriage prospects…”Bhai,” he, an Indian, says in Hindi, “Saadi karlo.” He wants me to find a girl and marry so that I will go home early in the evening. I always reply: “Well, I will, one day…”


Thank god you are workaholic instead of alcoholic, otherwise the nights would have been disastrous.

Comment by deepak — 1/27/2005 @ 6:42 pm

Whose nights, Deepak?

Anyway, Dinesh, you are doing great with the coverage at the last page of Kantipur. Maybe because we share a lot of similar interest, that I find the page very interesting these days.

Comment by Uzz! — 1/27/2005 @ 7:08 pm