Life is Boring. Life is Interesting

Man Ka Kura of a Nepali blogger: It was a boring day for me. But I don’t want my tomorrow to be like this. This picture (inside) of myself taken two years ago, I guess, [I am too old now] by photojournalist friend Nishchal Chapagain is helping me get rid of the boredom.

Saturday Blog (originally in UWB)

“Internet Use Said to Cut Into TV Viewing and Socializing.”

This is a New York Times headline of December 30, 2004 by John Markoff. Since Times is one of my favorite papers, I log on to its site at least once (mostly more than three times) a day and visit, mostly, Technology, New York Region, Arts and International sections. The paper asks payments from visitors for stories that are more than a week old. I don’t have a credit card, more importantly, money to pay for Times stories. So, I instantly email the story to my account so that I can read that when I have time. I email some stories for future reference as well.

I find myself in this headline these days. Yesterday, I saw television after a long period. My brother said that the cable company had added some new channels. I was curious. After Feb 1, there are no Indian news channels. In the absence of those channels, for me, India, the neighboring country with whom we share a long border, has become a distant society. No Lalu on TV means no Indian politics in your room. Yes, there are entertainment channels but the problem with me is that I don’t get any entertainment from them. I don’t like those never ending rona-dhona saga of Saash-Bahu. Yes, some months back, I used to follow Kasauti Zindagi Kay but not for long. Kamolika never changed. Oh..ya, Jassi has changed, they say, but haven’t see her new getup.

Cable network had added some religious channels and a Pakistani network. Nothing of much interest. Still, watching some song and dance from Hindi films was a good time pass. Love stories were there. Action, drama, adventure, all. While browsing, oh.., surfing through the channels, I stopped at Fashion TV for a minute, may be two minutes. A topless ‘model’ was in front of camera. I don’t know what they were trying to show. There will be nothing to see if you reveal everything.

Yesterday, I was in a book launching ceremony. Bhisma Upreti’s collection of poems “Samundra” (the Sea) was translated in Japanese by a Japanese scholar. In one poem that he recited in the ceremony, the poet says even if we have to be naked, we should opt the nakedness of a sea. That nakedness is so gentle. The poet argues that compared to the nakedness of the Sea, human nakedness is very much vulgar. That was true. I found no attraction on that FTV model. Instead, an announcement by Diana Hyden about her upcoming ‘Biography’ series in History Channel was more appealing.

Saturday is a day with everything minus excitement. What a boring day. For me it was one of the most fruitless day in recent times. I wanted to go for movie. Second part of XXX was waiting for me in Kumari Cinema. The other day I made a plan to go to Kumari with Suraj, my school time buddy and hostel room partner. You know what. Today that guy called me to say that he went with another friend. Good thing is that he assured me he will repeat the movie for me. I could have gone on my own. I sometime do that. I went to see an Aishorya Rai movie alone. I was in mood. May be I should like that again. I could have gone to Rangashala to see football match.

I think I should go outside Kathmandu soon. I am tired of this city. I don’t know why but I am tired. Life has become a routine. No change. I don’t like this. Ha..who would like?

Deepak told me an interesting story today. Poor fellow, he couldn’t hide that from me for even a day. He finally met that girl with whom he was in touch via email and this site. Interesting, isn’t it? They both thanked internet for their meet. I wonder whether they thanked this site or not. Anyway, the Deepak’s coffee guff (with the girl) were no less interesting than that of Narayan Wagle’s popular column. I paid for two cups of tea this evening when he told me about the meeting. Its another story that Deepak is on the verge of marrying a girl. “I think the lami is not working seriously,” he revealed his eagerness toward establishing a new life.

This is Baishak, the month of marriage. One of our friends in the publication (I don’t think he likes to be revealed in this post) is marrying this week. Deepak is excited and Devendra is not. In fact, Devendra is not excited about marriage at all. “Ah…I won’t marry,” he told me this morning (or yesterday, I forget), “I have heard enough stories about [problems] in life. Marriage makes them complicated. You have to have a family. No independence.” May be.

Yes, about that NY Times headline again. MSN messenger is a great thing. Tesma log on pani garnai paryo. People are there. That has become my socializing point, Chautari. I meet almost everyone on MSN. Hi..hello. Everything’s done there. Very few of my friends use Yahoo! messenger. But some use so I have to go there as well. And other few use AIM. So, I have to be there as well. And having many email address is not a boon. Still, you need. But there is no problem having more than one Gmail account. One Gmail account offers two GBs of server space. Still, I have to have Seven Gmail accounts. Plus, some Yahoo mails as well. Have to become member of so many sprouting Yahoo Groups. Thank god, the Gmail service lets me forward all emails into one address. That saves my time. Still, you have to sign in to all accounts at some intervals just to make sure your emails are labeled properly.

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man, you must have been really bored. I felt depressed and bored after I read your article. Good job!!!

Comment by Govinda Bahadur Ghale — 5/8/2005 @ 5:37 am


Looking Sizzling, and enjoying your boredom, Hun? Making MASALA even if there is none,Haina? I am confused that one of the persons in the publication is getting married and that fellow doesn’t want to be revealed, and Deepak is excited and Devendra is not. You turn out to be the GURU of stylistic style yaar. I sometimes fail coz I love to read between the lines. Thanx for the information that Deepak finally met the girl. Now, he will no more lose his sleep over some unidentified rose, and go for hunting like a “BUMBING-BEE in some unidentified zone. And, what about you ni? My Mama says,” Belaima Bihe gare ramro”. Are you also sharing the fate of deepak or what?

Comment by Vishu — 5/8/2005 @ 10:58 am


what made u to somersault like this ha?afterall,this is the life, sometimes boredom and sometimes euphoria,i must confess and i agree mr.vishnuji that u are very clever was great knowing the whole she-bangs of ur looney saturdays,its amazing that u people never get tired of thinking and writing,still, ur life sounds to be quite intresting, u people are everywhere and always,u people always sting urself awake to make us awake, hats off ! to u man,its great that poor deepak caught his will-o-the-wisp, curisity killed the cat at last,he must have found OPRAH WNFREY in the place of AISH i think.but i am sure he lost myriads of opertunities in the offing because of the unusual rendizvous,ani he is tieing the knot hainata!ok, guys we will be gathering in his RECEPTION,deepak dont forget to invite me hai!

Comment by abhipsa — 5/8/2005 @ 2:38 pm


Though, I am an agnostic,I still believe that marriages are made in heaven, at least not here in United We Blog. My best buddies have got me married willy-nilly to whosoever they like. And, maybe they are also preparing divorce papers, for this seems to be an unwanted nuptial. I will be present at the court to sign the affidavit.

All the damsels out there: I am still a bachelor (at least till date), an eligible one at that. these are all rumours ( valorising me at par with Bollywood celebrities). Your heartthrob has not yet found his betterhalf. So, ladies, cross your fingers, who knows, your proposals could well be accepted.It’s a win-win situation.

I have no time to account for all these pack of lies.I am neither betrothed to anyone nor do I have a fiancee.I have savored the best serenades for you vivacious lass out there.All I can say to my co-bloggers is : Plz don’t steep in the brew of illusion; one who sows the wind, ends up reaping the whirlwind.

Comment by Deepak — 5/9/2005 @ 12:25 pm


Deepak, u shouldnt advertise urself over the net. it just makes u sooo shady…after the advertising ur friends have done for u..u better find a girl who doesnt read this blog :P…and ur right..marriages arent made on UWB!

i think in NYC u can hire a girl to be ur friend, and her job is to try to pick up girls for u….just like a lami..but u have to get someone young, not an AUNTY… u should try this in ktm…it could work.. 🙂

good luck 🙂

Comment by vatr — 5/11/2005 @ 6:30 pm