The Disconnected Day

Yesterday, I had to spend whole day without connected to the Internet. The connection at my home didn’t work. It didn’t work for the whole day and I felt damn lazy to go outside looking for a cyber café. Strange! I made many calls (may be more than 10) to my ISP- Enet. Enet staffs picked up some of those calls. They told me that there was some problem with Nepal Telecom phone line connection. So, they were helpless too. Some assured me that the service would resume in an hour, another told me I have to wait 4 hours.

I waited, waited and waited. No connection. No Internet. What could I do. I keep trying dialing line. I was very much angry with the ISP.

Internet falls in the category of essential service. And it’s been more than two days that Enet hasn’t been able to restore its service. What the hell is happening? Yes, I was really angry with the ISP.

At once I felt like, am I that much addicted to the Internet? What the hell will happen if I am not connected to the web for a few days? I am sure Internet has been an addiction for me.

Yes, Interent has definitely been an addiction to me. Today I tried dialing Enet and I was unsuccessful. Then I called their office. A woman replied that the service wouldn’t resume before Sunday. Before Sunday? Today is Thursday. Oh my God, what is she saying? What kind of ISP is this?

I made a phone call to another ISP- World Link and subscribed their service. Great! I am connected again. There were in fact a few blogs to be posted at UWB. I was more worried about them. My emails were to be checked. Replies to be filed. Anyway, it’s good that I am connected today. Many of the emails were asking me why UWB was down. An American journalist sent me the screen shot of the UWB page that was defunct. Well, that was a temporary problem with UWB server.

Oh..another thing I want to mention here. I slept until 1 PM this afternoon. That was great experience. I slept for such long hours after many months. I love sleeping.