Dinner on the Dashain Eve

Yesterday was the last day in office before Dashain festival. Narayan Wagle (no personal relation. He is the editor of Kantipur where I work as a reporter.) had a tentative plan for the late evening. We went for dinner in New Baneshwor. Badshah Restaurant was already half-closed. No staffs were there to serve us. They had gone to their homes for Dashain festival. We went to a nearby Mugal restaurant. Other two members of the “we” were Guna Raj Luitel and Girish Giri.

That was a quite and, according to Girsh, the most civilized, dinner. Yes, blog featured prominently in the talks. I tried to encourage all of them to start blogging. We talked about documentaries and of course blogging as well as other things.

The talks of documentary were there of course because we had Girish Giri the director in the party. His Team Nepal was recently screened in the Film South Asia 2005, a documentary film festival. Narayan Wagle himself is one of the major character in a famous documentary film Bheda ko Ooj Jasto and Guna Raj Luitel has recently finished shooting for a documentary film about political problem in Nepal. A foreigner is making the film in which Luitel will be the story-telling character. So it was very much obvious for the subject documentary to be featured in that gathering. In fact, I now think, why we talked about blogging or any other topics. We should have completely devoted the dinner time in documentaries. By the way, I would like to introduce myself as a documentary buff.

At one point when blogging featured our conversation Narayan Wagle was expressing amazement over my relationship with computer. How can you stay in front of computer for so long? Well, when he said this, he had already taken a peg of whiskey. (I forget the brand.)

I was full with a bottle of San Miguel Beer. I felt like feeling the effect of beer. Yes, a bottle of beer is quite a thing for me who drinks occasionally. Well, let me remember my latest drinking evening. Oh…well, that goes back to June or July. That too a bottle of beer.

Anyway, to have a party on the last day in the office before Dashain was a nice idea. The food was nice.