Celebrating Tihar. The Festival Of Light

Yes, Tihar or Dipawali or Diwali is a festival of lights and flowers. I generally enjoy the festival but when I compare it with Dashian, our biggest festival, I find Tihar a bit individualistic. Sisters put Tika to their brothers wishing them long lives. While doing so, they are also saving their brothers from the god of death- Yamaraj by making oil marks around brothers. So this is a sacred festival. Still I think this is individualistic. Not as much social as Dashain. Dashain is more social because whole family is involved in the whole process of Tika. Seniors put tika to juniors’ foreheads. Juniors go to other seniors in the village. That creates interaction in society and cements the socialite bond.

But in Tihar, each sister is worried about giving tika to her brothers. A brother is worried about taking tika from her sisters. Well, may be this is the hallmark of Tihar and that is why it is different from Dashian. All festivals have their own style and identity.

dinesh wagle in tihar

Dinesh with Tihar Tika

Email and myself received tika from Gita and Ambika just like in previous years. Kalyan went to Kaushaltar for tika with his sisters.

It’s been a pretty lazy day for me. Have nothing special to do other than the tika thing. They say no news is good news but now I am feeling like that is really a bad news. Anyway, from tomorrow, work will resume and I am excited about that.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Tihar. The Festival Of Light

  1. whtever

    this seems like the most crazy thing to do.. post comments on sb else’s tihar (god does everythin need to be commented upon) and boy wht ever makes u expect that sb will comment on it too.!!! expect some fools like me who feels all let down by goin throught UWB readin all seto bagh and sanobahinis.. to tell the truth seto bagh made me feel like a fusre fox so am visitin neutral unvisited territories.. and maybe wanted to post my don’t feel much abt bhai tika thoughts too. couldn’t understand the use of individualistic thing in the article though..

    It may sound like a militant feminist view but why the hell do women need to worship their brothers.. i mean the social structure sometimes makes me sick .. maybe bcoz don’t have brothers myself and have to put to some brother who takes me as a sister as they say.. i mean does it ever occur to guys to have sth of the festival sort to pray for sisters.. pray why is it only women who pray for sb else ..maybe just their greatness..and as tihar comes every yr i wish i could vanish into thin air for a day..whtever..(just hope i don’t have to regret after posting this comment) u wanted comments anyways…Ha ha..i salute ur guts..

    n SMS welcome! u r unbelivable…


  2. whenever

    Okay, let me clarify something to Ms Whatever on behalf of this blogger. I hope D Wagle will permit me to do so.

    It’s not only sisters do pooja to their brothers. Brothers too worship their sisters in the day of Bhaitika. They are indebted and are more than thankful to their sisters. Brothers bow down to the feet of their sisters with respect. A sister should be proud that she has brothers who always care and come to her help in difficult times. I think you should be proud of being a sister. Yes, it is sad that you don’t have brothers but then don’t be sad. There are many others who don’t have sisters.

    Anyway, I hope you understand me, Ms Whatever.


  3. whtever

    Thanx 4 the reply whenever. anyways there are somethings that u can’t convince others of..this is one of those..it is “Bhaitika” anyways not Bhahini for that matter. began with Yamuna prayin for her bro not the other way round..anyways thanx 4 writin ” needn’t feel sad” – i don’t have a brother crisis it is more of how the social practices that are unpalatable to me.


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