Celebrating Tihar: A Sister Invites Her Brother For Tika

A festival blog: Celebrating Tihar (or Deepawali or Deewali)[Wagle with Thiar Bhai Tika 2005. From that year’s Tihar blog]

dinesh wagle with tihar tika. Circa 2005

The live images of Nicholas Sarkozy talking about France-U.S. relations in Washington are coming on CNN as I am eating dal bhat while also talking to a friend. The talk finished, the food finished, the speech is going on. Sarkozy lauds the American ideals, the ticker on the CNN reads. He is also talking about the Atlantic alliance. I am hear him through the English translator. This beautiful girl is smiling and looking at me from my desktop. I wash my hands and brush my teeth. And while I am brushing, my sister comes from downstairs and hands me over flowers: makhmali and sayapatri phool. “Today is kaag tihar [the first day of Tihar the festival of light when the crow is worshipped],” she says. “I am inviting you for Bhai Tika.” I am almost taken aback by the invitation. I mean that was the last thing I had expected for the day. [Tihar is also called Deepawali in Nepali and Deewali in India.]

I knew that my sister had come to our house (she is married and lives with her husband in other part of Kathmandu) for Tihar festival but I had completely forgotten that today was the day of inviting brothers by sisters. This also tells how detached I am from rest of my family. I am mostly busy with myself and the work (which also includes blogging!). I rarely talk to relatives (many of them either don’t recognize me or I don’t recognize them) and I also talk very little with my family members. (Is that because I don’t see them online on Instant Messengers? he, he, he, I wonder!!) Sounds like they have completely understood me, they also don’t start conversations with me rightly assuming that I don’t like to talk much! That doesn’t mean I don’t talk at all. I talk to select colleagues at office (and when it comes to professional topics, I talk freely and openly to all, but the chiya guff with only a few!) I also talk a lot over the IMs. Even this evening I was talking for more than half an hour to a person who identified as a Chinese! About what? Maoism, of course!

Anyway, I have mentioned many times in this web site that I am religiously secular and am not very enthusiastic about celebrating festivals. I was trekking in Helambu during Dashain, the biggest festival of Nepalis (or Hindus so to speak), away from family and home. I didn’t take the celebrations seriously, traveling and seeing new place was more important to me. Not all people like the idea but I am what I am. My newspaper will have two days of holiday in Tihar festival but for some reason I didn’t make any plans of going out for traveling for those two days.

Tihar is about sisters and brothers. Yes, I don’t give priority to celebrating but what about my sister, I thought, she might not be thinking the same way. Missing out Tihar is not same as missing out Dashain, I concluded. I thought my sister wouldn’t take my absence happily on the day of Tika. So I am staying home this Bhai Tika [the final day of Tihar festival when sisters put tika on the foreheads of their brothers wishing the longevity of their lives.]

For the first time, I am feeling, that I am thinking for others, for my sister. Thanks for inviting (which I couldn’t say on your face a few minuets ago). And you know why I couldn’t, right? I don’t talk much!!!!!

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9 thoughts on “Celebrating Tihar: A Sister Invites Her Brother For Tika

  1. Reader

    Wagle you talk too much! This is too much hain ra? I tell you frankly, I wept after reading your post. Something I remembered, something I missed and something I wish I could roll back.

    I love Dipawali. I am gonna rock this tihar with lights.

    Happy tihar to you! And you know I clicked on that beautiful lady’s link, I thought that must be your girlfriend because who does not talk to family, talks to girlfriend. hehehehe but really the girl is beautiful.


  2. Reader

    Wagle, I feel bad that you misunderstood my comment. I didnt mean that fuchchi keti is your girlfriend, I wanted to tell I clicked on that link coz I thought you put your GF’s photo on desktop.


  3. D Wagle

    As I have stated in this post and this post when I started this round of blogging on WSJ, I do write on this site intending to archive myself on the web! That means, in principle, here I don’t write for others unlike what I do in UWB. I write for myself. That, however, doesn’t mean I am ignorant about the fact that this site can be accessed from anywhere in the world from a computer that’s connected to the computer. Entries in the site are picked up by search engines like Google which makes them available to the public in a click. Whenever I write, yes I try to express myself beyond any boundaries but at the same time I consciously keep in mind the possibility of someone at some point reading my writings. But I never write to make people cry even though, as it appears in your case, people might interpret the writings in their own way based on different context. So I really have no comment on that.

    For your comment on that little beautiful lady, I must react strongly. The girl is too small to be considered my girlfriend. Come on, she is a sixth grader. She is so sweet, her eyes so beautiful and they are looking at my camera in such a fantastic way that I remember her as my little friend, but not as girlfriend.

    But then I do not deny the fact that I met quite a few girls in the trail who were fit enough to be considered GF! And they were all beautiful and attractive!! Oh… I miss ’em al!!! I will probably go there again!!!!


  4. Wagle

    Ahh,okay. Got it now. Yea, I used to put my girlfriend’s photo on desktop until a moment before she married to, well you know to whom, Abhishek Bachhan some months ago 😉 Then I, well I didn’t delete the photo, put that in my My Documents folder 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. ReAlItY bItEs

    Personal blog has some different meaning more than your usual news blog UWB.
    But here is an open space for reader to comment. If u don’t block the comments , then it flows like water around the corner of your blog world.
    I have 2 suggestion on you….( think personnel too )
    1. Immediate marry with Someone following tradition like Bhaitika ( No other option till yet ) then someone who recognizes you confidently.
    2. After finishing point no. 1, You will definitely forget Instant messages/memory cards and will jump out from digital world . ( Just guessing only ).

    ( sorry if anything wrong in ur personal blog, if wrong don’t publish it …there is full authority to delete it from your mouse-hand)



  6. Wagle

    I have been approving comments that I ‘like’ or feel like approving!!

    Thanks for the suggestion about marriage which is currently not in the card. But you never know when that’s going to change. So how volunteering to find a kali kali hissi pareki, dohoro jyu daal ki, 32 lakshyan le yukta yubati in Langtang region. I am planning to go there next spring. 😉

    BTW, read your article in Kantipur on Jhamak which was nice.


  7. Reader

    Reality Bites, I agree with you. Wagle needs someone, may be he has, hiding for time being. I think he is planning to give us surprise. He is a digital man, so first blog lady (americama presidentko wifelai first lady bhanchha kyar!) must be digital girl. right ?
    ani Wagle, tyo 32 lakshanma digital camera chalauna janne, computer chalauna janne, NY times padhne, parchha ki bhat pakauna janne, luga dhoidina janne, sasu saruralai rijhaune parchha?
    ani aafuma chahi kati guna chha? aajakalka ketile ta sodhchhan ni 🙂



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