Back in the Vally. Into the News Room.

Final day (6 of 6) of the Hemalbu trek:

Om, Nama Shivaya! Are words needed to describe this photo?

24 October: We knew it was our last day of trekking. We were going back to home. We arrived in Patibhyangyang in a jiffy and from there, after eating curd and Chokofun, we started climbing up to Chisapani. Met three kids on the trail, interacted with them. It was an easy walk. Chisapani was just there, above us, waiting for us. We ate dal bhat. I liked the food but Suraj didn’t. The jungle, beautiful jungle, of Shivapuri national park started and the walking in the jungle trail was fun. I couldn’t see many birds this time as it was already afternoon when we reached the jungle.

Wagle with Shiva Linga

Well, if you do think words are needed here they are: Wagle gives the divine touch to the Shiva Linga in Sundarijal.

We came back to Kathmandu and went directly into the news room, our office. The job had to be continued. There was work to be done. News to be written, news pages to be overseen. I was tired but how could I run away from the news business. I translated a report and went to home in the evening.

Coke in the Pepsi crate at a shop in Mulkharka

The new marketing mantra for the world’s leading soft drinks, direct from Mulkharka village in Kathmandu, Nepal: Coke in the Pepsi crate at a ‘shop’ in Mulkharka.

Wagle near a pond in Shivapuri

Wagle near a pond in Shivapuri

Chisapani signboard: Where do you wanna go?

Suraj and Wagle in the Bus

Wagle and Suraj in the bus from Sundarijal to Gaushala.