End of the Year 2005

Winter has come with a bang. Its too cold in Kathmandu. I cannot rise from bed before 9 AM. I wish I could stay there whole day.

I spent most of my time in front of computer completing the UWB’s BEST and WORST list for 2005. I think I found myself lonely as the computer can’t give human feeling. Even if you are with it whole day, you need some people to talk. I mean real talk, face to face. You can find people over the virtual world of Internet. You find some friends whom you know for years. But still, you know, it quite different talking with real people sitting in front of them, watching their eyes, reading their lips, observing their body language. I think I should watch some movies this week. King Kong was good but how about some hindi masala films? Don’t know. Many hindi films are real trash, total waste of money. May be I should get some advice from Sudeep Shrestha. He is quite an expert on movies. Oh.. he too isn’t in Kathmandu these days. May be I should SMS him in Pokhara where he, Sanjay Neupane told me this afternoon, is enjoying boating. I will try watching a movie with love story. Okay, story of adventure will also work.

By the way, yesterday was the day of washing clothes. After a long period, I found myself washing clothes and that was quite enjoyable. Enjoyable? I must be kidding. Thanks to my brother Email who helped me in the process. Or did I help him? Okay, no debate here. Two brothers did the job together.

I shaved also. I do not know why, but in the chilly morning, I suddenly headed toward the barber shop and the man in charge with razor blades and scissors did the rest. He also cut my hair short and I am now I am feeling like the winter has become more chilly. There were a few remarks about my new clean face from my colleagues. I know my beards are under the strict control of my mood.

New Year’s Eve? I was in front of computer. Damn, I missed all the fun at Thamel. I wanted to be there but somehow could not fulfill my unexpressed desires. May be next time. We celebrate more than one New Year in a year. So, I think I should regret too much for not being able to party this time around. A few months later, we will have yet another New Year’s Eve to celebrate.