Two Meetings & a Jacket

Two persons took most of my time yesterday and I didn’t work at all. So, I can safely say Tuesday, Jan 10 was the day of talking for me. When I say two persons took my time, I don’t mean those meetings were forceful. I also don’t mean I didn’t enjoy those meetings. In fact, both meetings were fantastic.

First, I was in the offices of journalis Bijay Kumar at Heritage Plaza, Kamaladi. Many say Vijay Kumar is an arrogant guy with little sense of respect to others. That is debatable topic as I can say I find an interesting person in him. He may sound like the one described above but he thinks he is not like that. I think I will be able to bring some of his perspectives and experiences to the larger audiences in the next few weeks. That’s just a plan and I am happy that he is keenly interested in that. For the students of journalism and viewers of his phenomenally popular and hit television shows, Vijay Kumar is almost like a celebrity figure, a star journalist. I haven’t seen a journalist in Nepal who has, on the one had so many admirers and on the other, haters. I think Vijay Kumar should tell them more about himself and how he feels about himself.

Then there was second meeting. Meeting with a wonderful lady. That was very interesting though I can’t tell more about that here. I have already talked about a meeting with this woman in this site. In both meetings, I just listened to the persons. They talked. Vijay Kumar served me Jasmine tea, and later, milk-coffee where as in the later meeting the main attraction was a chocolate. The chocolates, nuts and the lemon tea were all superb. Especially the chocolate. After seeing that I liked them a lot, the woman gave me a few pieces, as I was about the leave her place. When I gave those chocolates to my colleagues Devendra Bhattarai and Sudeep Shrestha in office, they were full of praise. I didn’t reveal them who gave those chocolates though Devendra was dying to know about that. I will not tell him, at least for the time being.

Okay, for the record, I also bought a jacket that cost me Rs. 23 hundreds. I think that’s pretty much expensive for a jhyaure person like me but then its too cold in Kathmandu and I needed a good coat. I was looking for that piece of garment but hadn’t found a satisfying one. It’s quite okay though, after wearing it for about 10 hours, now I am feeling it’s a bit oversized. But the good point is? Its warm!