Mobile Phone and Kathak Dance

Sunday/Monday: As usual but quite busy. I don’t know how fast time is passing and I haven’t been able to do any significant work. Time is like bullet, travels fast. By the way, I haven’t been able to go for tea with Deepak Adhikari, my colleague at Nepal Magazine, in a nearby teashop. So no tea-time chitchats. I am missing them.

Yesterday many good news came into the newsroom. Mobile lines (at least the post-paid ones) are not working and that makes to feel like “Thank God, I am connected”. As I knew the cell phone was working, I tried to call a person. The other end wasn’t responding. I get sort of irritated when people don’t respond to phones and SMSs. At least you should call back after you are done with what you were doing. Anyway, how can I change others’ habit? Otherwise when I reach home in Kadaghari, Gothataar (behind the Kathmandu Airport), I feel like I am going away from the world because the phone at my home isn’t working yet. I reached home at 12:30 AM (that is to say Tuesday had already started).

Other good news of the day? Supreme Court paved way for Nepal Telecom to start the WLL phone service in Nepal. I think there was something fishy going on as a writ against the service was mysteriously filed on the court. Now many people will be connected and that is definitely good for the society.

Oh ya, nighttime curfew was lifted in Kathmandu and Lalitpur from Monday. That’s another good news of the day.

And the evening was the time for Kathak dance at BICC. Sobhana Narayan, an Indian dance queen, was almost at her best in the program organized to mark the 52nd Republic Day of India. There were some technical snags, the program started half and hour late but at the end of the show I felt like my time wasn’t wasted. I was there to cover the event and, to be honest, I wasn’t much interested in the Kathak dance that evening.