Cherry Blossom Festival In Washington D.C.

Cherry Blossom Festival. Wagle under Cherry tree

Wagle under Cherry tree: Ha ha.. in fact, I feel so uneasy to pose for camera. I want shots to be natural. But this was the moment when there was no alternate options, I guess. Pic by Kiran Nepal

“The first week of April is the best time to be in Washington D.C.,” American ambassador James F. Moriarty had told us in Kathmandu prior to our departure to his country. He was giving us his views of America in his office. “You will see blossoming cherries. That’s beautiful.” He was correct; D.C. with blossoming Cherries was beautiful indeed. These cherry trees were gifted by the Japanese government immediately after the World War II.

Cherry Blossom Festival. Wagle under Cherry tree
Cherry Blossom Festival. Wagle under Cherry tree

There was a festival- Cherry Blossom Festival- being organized. People were thronged into the area to see the attractive trees. Bands were playing live music and people were trying to have group photos. That was a tourist season in D.C. and we also benefited from that situation. The hotel where we were staying, Lincoln Suites, wanted more guests to accommodate in the hotel. So the hotel requested its guests to share the room if they wanted. We happily did that for a night and saved at least two hundred bucks.

Live music in cherry blossom festival
A band plays live music just in front of Jefferson Memorial. Pic by DW

1 thought on “Cherry Blossom Festival In Washington D.C.

  1. Zaded

    The blossoming cherries look really wonderful. N the Photo you proclaim to be Uneasy posin looks just like a scene in the song Kyun Chalti hai pawan..where Hritik xposing his muscles holds the branch with one hand sings….hahahaha

    Now with the designer’s shirt of yours.. specs ( Hritik wears one in the song too) you could pass for an actor too!!! We only need sb to make a movie called ”The Blog Hero”…hahaha

    Anyways this is such a kool outlay, the background, the way comments are posted with the shady..outline….only complain is wish the ”Dinesh Wagle blogs: Diary of a Nepali journalist” was darker and visible.. N thanx for mentioning my blog in your Fav sites List…Oooh that’s An honor!!

    THanx once again.



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