Around Los Angeles Pubs

Probably the best part of my stay in LA was my visit to various bars and pubs in the city and Arthur Rhodes is the man who introduced me to the regular lifestyle of LA. The student of UCLA and an aspiring filmmaker (and writer of an article about me in UCLA Asia Media web […]

Small is Beautiful: From Artesia, Los Angeles

(Wagle: The following observation was written immediately after visiting Artesia, a southern LA town, also known as Little India. South Asians live in significant number and we the visiting journalists were taken there to see how they live. About 39 journalists from South Asia, Africa and South East Asia were divided into two groups. I […]

Romantic LA

This is in downtown Los Angeles, near MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Arts) where we saw a couple busy kissing each other. A man was filming the romance in a video camera. (Remember this is downtown LA and Hollywood is not far from here. But we didn’t see anyone directing the couple!) It was around 4:30 […]

Driving in Los Angeles With Roberto In-charge of Wheels

The first day in LA Within an hour of landing at the Los Angeles Airport, I was in Santa Monica Beach experiencing the cool breeze and cold water. Thank you Roberto! Roberto is my friend whom I met in Kathmandu some 8 years ago. He had come to our house and I had gone to […]

International Travelling: Science of Airports

Another shocking experience to me: the whole science of airports. This was my first international trip which also meant my first encounter with the international terminal of Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport. It was no different than that of its domestic counterpart except that there is no immigration section in the latter. When I landed at […]

McDonald’s and the Big Pizza

Everything is big in America except a few things. Journalists having pizza in a Washington D.C. pub. I wanted to have a burger in the McDonald’s. And I did that in Washington D.C. That was fun really. But I realized that the same wasn’t a fashionable thing in the US, at least not among those […]

Being Rich, for the Moment. Thank You American Taxpayers

April 3 was the day to be rich, really rich in a sense. We went to the office of Delphi International Program of World Learning, agency that was administering the IV program. It’s weird that I actually forget how many hundred dollars bill I received that day from Delphi. (Well, the money actually belonged to […]

Cherry Blossom Festival In Washington D.C.

Wagle under Cherry tree: Ha ha.. in fact, I feel so uneasy to pose for camera. I want shots to be natural. But this was the moment when there was no alternate options, I guess. Pic by Kiran Nepal “The first week of April is the best time to be in Washington D.C.,” American ambassador […]

Touring Washington D.C. With Chelsea Strange

The guide was more interesting then the destinations. Clockwise from left (back row): Kaustubh Bhalchandra Kulkarni aka KK, (India), Shaiq Hussain (Pakistan), Mohammad Yousuf (Afghanistan), Namini Nimilamalee Wijedasa (Sri Lanka), Zainab Ibrahim (Sri Lanka), Kiran Nepal (Nepal), Rajesh Kumar Mahapatra (India), Wahidullah Amani (Afghanistan), Chelsea Strange and Kishalaya Bhattacharjee (India). Another gentleman behind Zainab is […]

Inside The Washington D.C. Strip Bar

But I was sooo shy! I was a bit disappointed on the first day in Washington D.C. I had expected tall buildings, skyscrapers, in the city. No, they were not there and I soon realized the secret. The law of the city bars anyone making a building taller than the Washington monument which is 555ft/169m […]