Romantic LA

romantic los angeles...a kissing couple

This is in downtown Los Angeles, near MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Arts) where we saw a couple busy kissing each other. A man was filming the romance in a video camera. (Remember this is downtown LA and Hollywood is not far from here. But we didn’t see anyone directing the couple!) It was around 4:30 PM and we were just returning from Artesia, a town of South Asian majority in south of Los Angeles, observing a town hall meeting. Our presence didn’t seem to pollute the romantic environment. The girl on the left (in khasto) is Maysoon Mohamed Osman, a journalist from Sudan, who couldn’t resist the temptation of watching the romantic couple. And she wasn’t alone, to be honest. That was very new for us and folks tried to tease the lovebirds. But lovebirds were unaffected by any comments passed at them.

7 thoughts on “Romantic LA

  1. Beautiful Eyes

    Dinesh, man…. I hope you learned something… from the photo above. The art of kissing. That is very important in life…take my words. If not, instead of posting photos of others kissing, please try yourself. But I wonder if my suggestion falls in the right ears of a man like you who walk around LA with Roberto (another post below this).

    Near MOCA, they are kissing artistically. What a coincidence! I loved the idea of choosing the location.


  2. what's there in name

    Hey, Don’t try to cash others private moment. Its so embarassing. You will feel the same when you yourself be in that……..


  3. What's there in name

    What can i say? You are an amalgam of innovative ideas, and unstinted effort. The full credit for the inception of the ideas and its implementation. Good job. Keep it up


  4. Wagle

    I agree with you that reporters shouldn\’t try to enter into others private moment. Private moment, it might be, but the place was very much public. And the man (seen in the pic) was shooting the kissing scene in a video camera. That is why I thought it was okay to take a photograph.

    For the second comment: it\’s so flattering What\’s there in name! I know I don\’t deserve those words still want to thank you from my heart. Thanks!

    To Beautiful Eyes:

    I was supposed to learn democracy and press freedom in the US while in the trip. But you can say that one can learn so many other things even while walking on the streets of American cities. And about the suggestion (try yourself), I think time will come!!!


  5. Jimmy

    It is very usual scene in western society and infact I have never given any importance or meaning to this. They are just enjoying their life and it is up to them how to enjoy. Think yourself, if you are having private meeting with your girlfriend and some one is taking photo and posting in the net. Have you taken any permission from the couple? Be careful man! Do not practice Nepalese journalism outside the country. It would be better if you give-up similar unfare practice in Nepal as well. It is unethical and ilegal to interfere one’s private life. Develop your professionalism and make your mind broad.


  6. Wagle


    Thanks boy for your comment and I appreciate your effort of telling me some dos and donts of journalism. Calm down kid. You are overexcited or overreacting without understanding or having an iota of idea about a word called perspective. People from one part of the world find activities in other parts of the world new and interesting but those ‘new and interesting’ things might not be ‘new’ to those who are practicing it. If you don’t see anything new, that’s your problem, not mine.

    Plus, talking about the permission, you don’t have to teach me about that. The place was public, as I mentioned above, and I am sure you don’t want to spend your private moments in a public places. For that, let me tell you if you are not aware about this, you have to go to private places. Find some private moments with you girlfrined inside you home kid, don’t run on the streets.


  7. redde

    Someone told me a secret…. They said that you still had lots of great photos and stories from your trip. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could live through your adventures!



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