Nar Phu Trek: Kang La Phedi Spectacular Trail: Day 11 of 16

Kang La Phedi: After spending most of the day (till afternoon) we headed for Kang La Phedi, a place below the Kang La Pass. In the morning, I talked to some of the Koru thrashers.

While dragging myself up to Kang La Phedi I saw some of the amazing and spectacular scenes in my life. The trail went through the grazing field with a small stream on the left. The mountains were on the both sides of the stream. On the left was the breathtaking Pisang range and it was expanded some where up. On my front was my curiosity (where are you Kang La Pass?) while the enormous Kang Ru peak was standing tall behind me. I was full of such excitements because of being so near to the range. I wondered who the same place would look like at the time of heavy snow.

our trek team in Kang La Phedi
Our Trek Team in Kang La Phedi

Though the scene was breathtaking, I wasn’t feeling very well. Stomach was grumbling and I was quite anxious at lunch time: should I eat or not? But I knew that if I didn’t eat, I will not have energy to go up. The uphill wasn’t really uphill but I was having difficulties to walk because I wasn’t feeling well. But thanks to those wonderful scenes, I started feeling well. May be that was because of altitude change. We were heading to Phedi that was located at the height of 4,500 meters.

By the way, I must mention it here that I felt so cold last night in Nar that I could hardly sleep. I mean the sleeping bag was working fine but the mattress wasn’t. I was feeling chilling cold on my back. I tried to move this side and that side but the side facing mother Earth would feel damn cold that I hadn’t anticipated. It was -2 degrees in evening and I learned in the morning about the rainfall in night. I tried my best to keep myself warm. That was futile. I put my jacket on the mattress which felt like working but only for a minute. Then I added sweater. That also didn’t help much. I didn’t want to complain to Wanda as there was little she could do. Plus, I was convinced that it was yet another part of my first ever camping experience!

wagle climbing Kang La Pass

I am seen climbing the Kang La Pass Pic by Jen