Nar Phu Trek: Bye Bye Trekkers: Day 15 of 16

The farewell party in Khudi Khudi: Here we come! It was yet another long day but I am not feeling pain in my thighs anymore. I am not very much tired too. I will be taking bus to Kathmandu tomorrow and rest of the group (now dropped to 7) will head for Shyauli Bazaar and […]

Nar Phu Trek: Running Back To Home: Day 14 of 16

Chamje: My thighs are still aching and ah… it was one of the longest days. At the end of the day, I was certainly running and Wanda was closely following me. That happened especially after Tal because we wanted to make it to Chamje today so that it would be easier to walk Khudi tomorrow. […]

Nar Phu Trek: Back To Annapurna Circuit: Day 13 of 16

Koto: Oh boy, my thighs are aching terribly. I can feel the pain and I know why. Yesterday’s descend was quite stressful. But I am determined to walk. I am already feeling like returning home. Work is waiting for me in Kathmandu. Have to write stories about Nar, the memorable traveling kitchen etc. At about […]

Nar Phu Trek: At The Top Of Kang La Pass: Day 12 of 16

While his guitar gently smiles! Dinesh Wagle poses with Matt’s guitar at Kang La Pass. Pic by Matt Nagwal: Today, as I am writing these lines, we are in Nagwal. We arrived here some two hours ago. Main attraction of the day was undoubtedly the 5300 meters high Kang La (bhangyang) pass. We started the […]

Nar Phu Trek: Kang La Phedi Spectacular Trail: Day 11 of 16

Kang La Phedi: After spending most of the day (till afternoon) we headed for Kang La Phedi, a place below the Kang La Pass. In the morning, I talked to some of the Koru thrashers. While dragging myself up to Kang La Phedi I saw some of the amazing and spectacular scenes in my life. […]

Nar Phu Trek: Finally In The Village Of Nar: Day 10 of 16

Thrashing Koru in Nar: Men thrash the grain where as women take part in the process by sifting Army parade or the heart beat? The sound coming out is like grap, grap, grap. For me it was like an army parade where as for Jen it was like a heartbeat. I found this observation cool. […]

Nar Phu Trek: The Amazing Bridge Of Nar Phedi: Day 9 of 16

Two bridges, Old and New, at Nar Phedi The Bridge: Yes, the bridge. One of the most exciting structures that I have ever seen. The location makes it even more exciting. I wouldn’t call it an ‘engineering wonder’ but it is built so meticulously that you wonder how they built such a thing in such […]

Nar Phu Trek: Roaming Around The Phu Village: Day 8 of 16

Phu Village in Manang District Karma Ringchhe studies in grade two in Phu school when she is not working in Koru field. In this photo, she is seen carrying Koru haystack Trail leading up to Phu: This trail is constructed by the Phu villagers which is destroyed by the heavy snow every year. Phu: Make […]

Nar Phu Trek: Wagle Is Not Well In Kyang: Day 7 of 16

A village near Kyang, winter settlment of Phu village. Khampa insurgents stayed here three decades ago. Colorful flowers on the trail leading up to Phu Kyang: Arriving in Kyang, the winter settlement of Phu vilage was the point of attraction for Khapa buildings. Nearly three decades ago, Tibetan Khampa refugees (they are also called insurgents) […]

Nar Phu Trek: World Of Meta (Plus, Base Camp Adventure): Day 6 of 16

As seen from Meta. Our kitchen tent, blue, is seen on the right. Meta: Arriving Meta, the winter settlement of Nar village, was like coming to a different world. This place is slightly above or at the end of the tree line. The uphill leading up to Meta is, as Wanda put it, really mean. […]