Nar Phu Trek: Bye Bye Trekkers: Day 15 of 16

bye bye trekkers. farewell party in khudi

The farewell party in Khudi

Khudi: Here we come! It was yet another long day but I am not feeling pain in my thighs anymore. I am not very much tired too. I will be taking bus to Kathmandu tomorrow and rest of the group (now dropped to 7) will head for Shyauli Bazaar and then to Pokhara. Porters and kitchen staffs will be heading to Kathmandu too. So today is the last day in tent. It rained in the evening.

Song and dance in the evening was expected. Folks danced and sang in the dining hall of the hotel, where we were camping in the garden, till 10 PM. The camping ground is surrounded by beautiful flowers that are ready to be picked up for Tihar garlands. Every one of us danced. Like in all other dancing sessions, the colliding of asses by Gyanu and Brooke was the most hilarious moment. And I liked the way Suusan twisted her waist. Even boys like that and they switched to a song that praised the skill of “waist twisting of this sister.”

Inside the tent, Wanda recorded my interview about the trek and I recorded hers. That was quite fun.

1 thought on “Nar Phu Trek: Bye Bye Trekkers: Day 15 of 16

  1. mmm

    Man zooming up the adventure and telling the tale through the blog. The tale of unpredictable capture of life. Here comes a colossal exclaimation of Good Job!

    Sometimes i envy u D. Your image is tied up in your job and your job is a big part of your identity. Wherever u go, whatever u do, its work in itself.

    In these posts of Nar Phu trek, i am seeing a man shimmering, swirling and fluttering like a butterfly with resplendent flurry of undulating colours and vibes.

    But in the same earth there is a creature like M, to whom all these are almost alien.To whom it is just magnificient to accept it as another wonderous event of one man’s travel.

    A second thought coming in my mind now, why is it that some always on tenterhooks and some embarking on the exquisitely beautiful adventure, probably of a lifetime.

    But i have a satisfaction that at least i know someone called D who has got wings.



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