Unpressed Shirts And My Crusade Against Ironing

dinesh wagle unpressed shirts

I am posting this photo six hours after it was taken (today morning). As I predicted at the time when the photo was taken, the outlook of my shirt has changed. It’s not different than a pressed one. So why waste time, energy and the electricity! Pic by Email

I hate spending (wasting) time in pressing shirts and making them look ‘great’. Why? What the hell you are asking? Why re! I just hate. You know the precious time, you can do so many other things during that time instead of carrying the load of iron (”estri” is the word that our tailor in the village used to call the thing. I don’t know what’s there in “estri” that males love to press their clothes.) So I was about to wear this pura jhyaure and khachhyak khuchhuk khumchhiyeko shirt this morning, my brother ‘wisely’ suggested me to use estiri to make it ‘wearable’. “What? Press the shirt?” I fired back. “No way! Look, I am wearing this now and it will be okay after a few hours, on its own.” Ramro banera kaslai dekhaunu chha ra?

“You are covering it with jacket,” he said. I smiled!

“Boy, note this down,” I told him. “If you ever write my biography, don’t forget to mention that ‘Dinesh Wagle was a great fellow who never pressed his shirts. He always wore unpressed clothes. What an inspirational figure. Anti-estri movement will remember him forever. History will record this man’s habit!’ Ha, ha. That will be interesting, man, to read after 50 years.”

“Hya,” he dismissed my request and fired a question. “Where do I keep that biography till then?”

“Here comes the idea!” I scream. I almost threw the shirt away and my pant nearly went down! “Take out the camera and take a snap. I am going to write a blog. I hope people will be able to search it after 50 years!”

Then two Wagles started the great work of photo session.

I developed this habit of anti-estri when I was in hostel. Especially when I was in the 10th standard in Bhaktapur. I have never pressed my pants in the past 10 years. Even in hostel, the previous one, when I had to do the job, I would simply avoid doing so. I was fine with unpressed pants and I am fine now.

“Ha… that’s why you have this big collection of t-shirts,” intervened Email. “Who needs to press t-shirts? And you always wear jeans.”

That’s right. I love wearing t-shirts, mostly UWB t-shirts, WSJ t-shirts, Palpasa Cafe t-shirts, Batsyayana Book t-shirt, and, recently, Hot Zone t-shirts. I have become a living and moving hoarding board advertising my websites, books and other missions. It’s actually a distinct experience. Whenever I wear Palpasa Cafe t-shirt, some people in the office think I am doing so to please my editor and author of P Cafe Narayan Wagle. That’s not true but I haven’t refuted those ‘allegations’ because they don’t deserve my refutation. They don’t comment on people who wear Harry Potter t-shirts and tease me for wearing Palpasa Cafe t-shirt. Funny! But the same people hardly noticed it was Batsyayana book’s t-shirt when I was wearing the t-shirt (it was in English). I told those critics of me wearing Palpasa Cafe t-shirt: what do you have to say about this? Do you think I am wearing this t-shirt to please Batsyayan? [By the way, was I wearing that because I didn’t have to press that? ha ha, who knows! Tyo ta haina, tara I like wearing such t-shirts. I also like Ma Parivartan Chahanchhu t-shirts!]

As long as the clothes are clean and free of dirt, I don’t really care if they are looking great or not! I am not in the league of being cool by spending time in selecting clothes that I wear. I don’t have time. I give about 4 minutes to change and get ready to get out of the house in the morning. So no way I spend time in selecting lugas that I wear. Not even while interviewing models! Again, Ramro banera kaslai po dekhaunu chha ra? 🙂

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