Smoking A Cigar: Dinesh Wagle Experience

Because of journalistic ethics, source-reporter relationship and embargo on a particular information, I am not writing more about other Shivaratri activities and talks for now. I plan to write more when Ozomatli band leaves Nepal. For now just a photo and (cigar) credit:

Photo by: Wil-Dog Abers of Ozomatli (Bass, marimbula, background vocals)

Cigar courtesy of: Raúl ‘El Bully’ Pacheco of Ozomatli (Guitar, tres, jarana, vocals)
Lighting by: Ulises Bella of Ozomatli (Saxophone, background vocals, requinto jarocho, keyboard, melodica)

9 thoughts on “Smoking A Cigar: Dinesh Wagle Experience

  1. Zade

    This is one helluva pic, a khatra pic I got to see in a real long time! Reminded me of a similar cigarette experience, and you seem to be holding the cigar in the ditto style, that is like an amateur doing it for the very first time(yeso khatra photo commentary garaun na) bhanera! 🙂 And a query is it only cigar or do they put some stuff in it like in Cigarette? What is the difference in between the two? Something disturbing abt the pic I agree wit Gaja nevertheless.

    But whoever the Ozomalti guy that took the pic I would say did a great job. A perfect Smoker’s scene nikaleko jasto lagyo..the blurred background, moving people, the observer enjoying the act and man, the one who is lighting the cigar looks as if he is just meant to do that. The tough guy, halka bhanda badi nai Gunda look ha ha ha ( hope you haven’t taught them too much nepali to get it all!) Anyways, waiting for your “Great Rendezvous” on a Shivaratri whatever made you use terms like “embargo” and all ..a blogger being made to Hold back! ( that must be hard )

    And yah had seen you in the Ozomatli concert when it was over, somewhere behind the stage talking to some ppl. Thought of waving a hello but decided not to disturb you talks with the biggies! ha ha ha But my experience unlike yours, which I read was a ” lively concert”was different. Maybe you got to see only the ones near the stage, the ones behind were a different case altogether! Nyways masti cha hai tapainlai Grammy Award winners sanga ko utbas! Well, waiting to read about em. ..oh sarai lamo comment po bhayo…forgive me Oh Smoker! 😉


  2. Raj Shrestha

    Gajab Chha ta Dinesh Dai
    K ho kuire le courtesy garyo bhandai ma tani halne.La La Thikcha
    g bhae pani photo chai gajab chha ali enlarge garera frame ma halera Rakhnus ..
    It would be memorable


  3. Comment Box

    No great Surprise on the day of Shivaratri! Wagle, you look cool as a blogger not as Gajedi, even you don’t seem Ragtag Jhayure in that Pose(I know this is nothing more than Pose and a blog to drag attention of reader!), but I must say the way you have caught the Cigar is prefect!


  4. Dinesh Walge :)

    To Gaja: May I know what’s disturbing about the picture?

    To Zade: Thanks for the appreciation. The photo was taken primarily to record the event, which rarely happens in my life, keeping in mind the Wagle Street Journal. I don’t normally smoke as I am kind of allergic to smoking. I mean I don’t smoke because I know that’s injurious to health but because I can’t simply tolerate the smoke. That’s simply against me. Same with drinking alcohol. I don’t drink not because that’s not good for health but because I don’t like the taste. Mitho nai hundaina, ke piunu! And the atmosphere in Pashupati that day was such that you wanted to give a try. It was difficult for me to finish the cigar and got a mild headache while returning office that evening.

    The picture was taken hurriedly and the Ozomatli guys were busy making Ganja and looking around. They were definitely shocked and awed by what they were seeing. He..he…they will not understand that much Nepali. Just Hami Ozomatli Los Angeles Bata!

    Well, the crowd on the front was vibrant and yes, I agree, the folks on the back were not much active. But the screaming overshadowed the calmness. About those things I didn’t write, I have shared that with one of my closest friends and I think I will not write that anytime soon!

    To Raj: Posting on the blog is enough yar! This is no less than a frame in itself.

    To Comment Box: Thanks!

    To CharitrawanChela: Thanks!


  5. How To Smoke A Cigar

    Welcome to the world of cigars and cigar smoking, my friend, even as what the other commenter said, if its only a pose. In any case, you held the stogie well, and I sincerely hope you’ve tasted other fuller-bodied cigars since then.

    Enrique de Montealto
    Cigar afficionado


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