Dinesh Wagle Turns 28, Says Life Is Satisfying

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Dinesh Wagle smiles in Santa Monica Beach...a self portrait via camera

Dinesh Wagle, who turned 28 today, smiles in Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles in April 2006. “Touching the Sea water [there] was the most terrific moment [I did in my 27th year],” Wagle said in an interview. Pic by Wagle [Click here to read my American Journey]

March 1: Amidst all the chaos that is currently ruling Nepal, Dinesh Wagle, a Kathmandu based scribe with cosmopolitan dreams, quietly turned 28 a minute ago, Wall, eh, Wagle Street Journal reports. As usual, the birthday boy was in his home, in a village not far from the Kathmandu’s International Airport, as the clock in his assembled computer displayed the change in the date. He was alone in the room, just as usual, in front of computer playing with the keyboard. A change though was in the channel on the TV. It was National Geographic instead of the usual screaming of CNN. Analysts believe that Wagle went for that particular channel for that particular night because he might have wanted to experience calmness in the transition from 27 to 28. He definitely didn’t want the transition to be like the one that they organize in Times Square, New York on the last day of December every year.

A source close to Wagle revealed that at one moment he was seen staring at the TV for more than a minute as if something important was on the screen. Giraffes dancing in the deserts? No one knows for sure! “But I felt he wasn’t looking at any thing in particular,” the source said in an interview with the Associated Press requesting anonymity because the issue was too private to divulge in public. The source guessed that Wagle was “probably reviewing his life, those long 27 years of his existence in the world.” May be he was thinking, the source guessed, about what he did and did not in these years. “I am not a mind reader,” the source said, “but he must be thinking ‘God, 27 years passed and I have done nothing significant’. May be he was also thinking about the year ahead.”

Dinesh Wagle arrived in this world, needless to mention, 27 years ago and, in his birthday statement that was neither posted on his web site nor made available to news hungry press around the world, said that he was satisfied with his life so far. “The God, if there is anything like that, has been kind to me,” Wagle said in the statement. “I must say I am satisfied with the life because there is no meaning of complaining about the past that has been lived through. Of course there is always a feeling that it could have been better. There is also a kind of weird feeling that I have become a year older but I am an optimistic person therefore I take this transition from sattias bariya to atthias barsiya as being more mature and experienced.” Wagle said he was more concerned about the coming days than the past. Wagle said that he planned to live at least another 50 years. While making that remark, Wagle said, he was well aware about the fact that those numbers were not in his control.

It wasn’t immediately clear how Wagle will celebrate his birthday though he has repeatedly made public his intention of not organizing a party or something. In a rare face-to-face interview with a scribe for the Washington Post (in which no one really uttered a single word) Wagle said that he might work hard and smart in office on his birthday and, if things to as he wished, go for coffee with his most intimate friend in the evening.

A reporter by profession, a blogger by passion and a sleeper by habit (which, many believe, happens to be genetically directed), is a passionate dreamer too. “I love dreaming,” Wagle said in a brief interview conducted by DNN (Dinesh News Network) on the eve of his birthday. He took no time to say that 27th was one of the most memorable years in this life. “Touching the Sea water in Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles in April was the most terrific moment,” he said with an innocent smile on his face. Then there was the mischievous smile on his face. “Entering inside a strip bar in Washington DC was the most surprising event of the year.” Watching a Hindi movie last week in a Kathmandu theater was the sweetest moment of all, Wagle said. He didn’t name the movie or disclosed the reason for describing the movie-watching experience as the sweetest. In an editorial peice, the Los Angeles Times writes: “Many believe [Wagle] must have liked the story very much but people have always been proved wrong when it comes to guessing his personal feelings. Though he works in a field like journalism that demands extensive networking and socializing, he talks very less with people who are not familiar to him or are not giving interviews for his stories.”

Nevertheless Wagle, self-proclaimed tech-savvy reporter, said in a SMS interview conduced by a columnist for the New York Times the other day that he was determined to keep “this wild crazy passionate love of ours” always rocking. Lord Ganesh, are you listening? Life, for Wagle, has just begun!

Note: Names of the newspapers and other media are (un)real but they never conducted the interviews. Dinesh Wagle claims the credit for the story above.